Best relic? and some other questions

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Best relic? and some other questions


So to get more teeth you need to play with a relic. What is the best relic to use on Nightfall and which oe for mayday, and still be a team player. Also do i need armory upgrades or a special load out for it?

So there is something new when i get in a lobby with randoms. They say don't search. Only search after the first breeder. WHY IS THIS?

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Re: Best relic? and some other questions

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1) It is much easier to get teeth on poc. Probably the easiest relic to use is do less damage. That is what i use to gain teeth. You use the teeth to purchase upgrades in the armory, making it easier to escape.

2) they are thinking they will get better searched items if you wait. Heres the BIG secret....Dont search until you have bought the chainsaw. Have it in your hands when you search and you get tons of rapid fires! works on both maps! Happy hunting!

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Re: Best relic? and some other questions

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1)we told about that some weeks ago:

2) if you already have bought a weapon , you have more possibility to find attachments in boxes.

Also  i think that what you will find in boxes depends of your class. (medic , engeneer...)

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Re: Best relic? and some other questions

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you only get one extra tooth for escaping with relics weather its one 1 relic or all 5...and i always use pistol only relic just because my primary weapon is a portable turret or duel auto pistols which are better than any gun in the game

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Re: Best relic? and some other questions

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Another shout out to jon the chief. Check out his video on youtube about the fastest way to get teeth. Make sure you fully upgrade the war machine first. I've been using this strategy and it's fast. Especially if you shoot some grenades at the barrier hives when your budget allows. I'm ripping through poc so fast. No downs, no searching boxes, and I'm ignoring challenges and skill points about halfway though. I escaped yesterday and realized I had 10 skill points I haven't spent. I'm only lacking start with a locker key and shock armour left....

Extinction Mode - Fastest Way To Get Teeth! - YouTube

Ps. This I why I haven't been playing any co-op guys once I get everything unlocked I be back to a team player

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Re: Best relic? and some other questions

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I always use mortal, more skill points for other things.

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Re: Best relic? and some other questions

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It's best to use a relic and a class that will cancel it out, run WP with inflict less damage, Medic with take more damage, Engineer with earn and carry less cash.

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Re: Best relic? and some other questions

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1) If you're looking to be a team player, run do less damage or pistols only if you are not worried about having the Venom-X. These do not hurt your team too much and are still very effective. The 'gimme' relics i reckon.

In terms of strategy, I highly recommend the portable turret for nightfall, it is very effective, or a dual-sentry with riot shield. Vulture can work but takes some skill to 'master', and IMS is always helpful as an escape route or to kill rhino's faster.

Ammo strategies have now changed due to teeth, so that's all opinion.

Always run either Armour or Team Boosters. Feral instincts are ok but not necessary.

A three medic, one engineer, is probably your best option for Nightfall, since an engineer running the traps is especially effective in the 3rd area. Medics are mainly for the vast amounts of scorpions and their gas clouds.

Pistols, either 44. Magnum or the Grach.

2) Saying don't search is completely wrong. They have just obtained it from another source and think that they know what they are doing is the way to play Extinction. It's exactly like multi-player matches filled with people saying, "I'm so done with this game" too make them sound cool and good. The correct reason to not search is to wait until a member of the team has bought a weapon to gain attachments, but even then, it is pretty pointless since there is countless amounts of search boxes past the breeder anyway. Also, saying it's more likely to get a locker key if you wait until you killed the first breeder is wrong as well.

Generally, my relic runs go like this, from 1-5 relics, but as in the 1st question, Nightfall is different:

Mortal-I never seem to upgrade it anyway since equipment is a lot more important.

Do less Damage- It's not too significant to hamper your game.

Pistols only-If running a turret or Vulture strategy you should never need the Venom-X

Take more damage- This is significant when trying to circle a drill if you have no way of surviving in the same place. That one hit could mean life or a down.

Smaller wallet- Pretty much self-explanatory

Hope this helps!

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