Call of Duty Ghosts: Extinction Storyline (As far as we know) [SPOILER ALERT]

Ghosts Extinction


For anyone who is interested in the storyline and/or confused about it: I'll go into detail about what we know as players, and maybe it will clear up some confusion that you may have.  This is a very long post, so be ready for a lot of information.  Post questions if you have any and I'll try to help you out! Also, if I missed anything, please tell me!  I'll add it once it's been verified.

First, we start in Caldera Peak, Colorado, United States.  The date is July 24, 2017; two weeks after the initial Odin Strikes in which the Federation ravaged the United States Coastline in the Campaign. Unknowingly to the Federation, or any human being in that matter, a stray Odin missile which struck near Caldera Peak, Colorado, would just so happen to open up a cavern that would unleash a species which had secretly hid under the surface of the Earth for millions of years: Cryptids.

When these Cryptids starting ravaging and eventually exterminating the human population near Caldera Peak, the President of the United States and his team organized Extinction Squads, or squads of soldiers who are trained to deal with this outbreak. The first squad sent was tasked with delivering a nuclear bomb to the "Point of Contact", or where the Odin Missile struck the Earth and unleashed the Cryptids (the giant, gaping hole that is quite obviously seen next to the last hive).  Obviously, Extinction Squad #1 did not make it home.  However, they DID manage to deliver the nuke to the Point of Contact.

Seeing that Extinction squad 1 was so close to finishing their mission, the President and his team organized yet another Extinction squad, code-named "Spectre 1". This is who you play as.  Their mission is to do what Extinction squad 1 unfortunately wasn't able to: set the nuke and get back home.

However, the mission isn't as easy as just going to the Point of Contact, pressing a button, and getting in a helicopter.  Along the route to the Point of Contact, the Cryptids have established "Hives", which serve as an important variable to the survival of the Cryptid race.

Destroying these hives are not as easy as it seems.  These hives are energized by geo-thermal heat, and consequently, they have incredibly tough roots which burrow FAR into the Earth.  Plus, these hives are virtually indestructible, thanks to their ability of rapid cellular regeneration.  Thus, Extinction squads are sent with the drill, which is in fact an extremely powerful laser.  Instead of just cutting through the roots (which would not work, as their rapid cellular regeneration would just grow parts cut off at an astonishing rate.), a laser is used to cut through the tough roots, kill all cells on the roots, and destroy all chances of Cellular Regeneration from occurring.  Thus, the hive cannot function, and as a result, the cryptid species are weakened.

Knowing those facts, the President knows that just nuking the place first would be pointless, as the hives would just grow back and cause more havoc.  Hence, you are tasked to not only nuke the Point of Contact, but to exterminate all hives along the way with the powerful laser drill to prevent any cryptid outbreaks from happening again.

Obviously, Spectre 1 is successful in their mission.  They manage to make their way to the Point of Contact, destroy the newly grown hive on the nuke, arm it, and run back to the extraction point knowing what they have done has saved the world from what has happened to the population in Caldera Peaks. Or... has it?


You’re introduced to Episode 1 with a very urgent cut scene.  You are introduced to a very important character in the storyline: Dr. Samantha Cross.  She, as fast as she can, informs you of what happened behind the scenes of Point of Contact. What she tells players has them realize that this Cryptid outbreak may not be so contained after all.

From that cutscene, players were introduced to a man by the name of David Archer, a top shooter with the SAS until his group was abandoned  during a campaign in Pakistan by “some asshole who denied extraction”, and consequently, they were left alone for six weeks.

During this time, Archer’s group found shelter in a cave.  However, this cave was hiding a dark secret.  Archer, as it turns out, discovered a cryptid colony whilst in hiding. When evac arrived, he tried to explain his findings to others, but no one really listened.  Archer then went on to attack his psych evaluator who seemed to “smile” when Archer mentioned the word alien to him.

Archer is also responsible for the smuggling of Cryptids out of the Quarantine zone in Colorado to the Nightfall facility.

Samantha Cross is a very – unique – woman.  She possesses a rare neurological syndrome known as Polyglotism, in which her brain processes complex patterns differently as it if were her own code.  Thus, she is able to memorize a large number of languages (28 to be exact), and a couple more which are ‘dead’, or aren’t used anymore. She graduated Harvard University with a P.H.D in Paleolinguistics, and was a rising star in her field of study. She even turned down a 7 figure contract (1 million dollars) to study ancient places like the Amazon Jungle to further her study.

One of the more interesting facts about Dr. Cross is her motive for her study.  She loves to learn ancient/dead languages because they are ‘skeleton keys’ which can help unlock secrets from the past.

A week after an interview aired of her answering questions about her abilities, she went missing. As it turns out, Archer had found the perfect fit for his new facility in Alaska, codenamed “Nightfall”.  An object known as the Obelisk had been transferred from the caves in Pakistan to the Nightfall facility in Alaska, and on it were what looked to be ancient hieroglyphs dating around 150 million years ago (they were cut into the drying glass before it dried from volcanic activity). Cross, after waiting three months to finally get the reason for her employment in the Nightfall program, was overjoyed with this.  She began work immediately , attempting to translate it.

As a result from her work, she suffered insomnia for three weeks straight because of the number of hours she put into translating.  Archer decided to give her a break, and invited her to the hatchery.  The hatchery is the area in the facility where the Cryptids are kept, and every time she hears the shriek of a Cryptid, a chill runs up her spine.  Archer explains it is a normal reaction, hardwired in our DNA from prehistoric times. Sounding reasonable, she continues on.

Finally, they come upon an ENORMOUS egg.  She claims it is “the size of a trailer”.  Cross is having trouble contemplating what it could possibly be, but soon enough, one of the largest animals she has ever seen ripped its way out of the egg, and thus, the Breeder was born.  Cross, already horrified, is even more disgusted when Archer throws a terrified horse into the Breeder’s pen and is devoured by the Breeder.  Cross notices that Archer doesn’t seem to be scared at all, but looks to be like a proud father, smoking a cigar and looking at this monstrosity with a humble expression on his face.

Days, or months later, the Cryptid outbreak at the Nightfall facility has brought devastating consequences. A good majority of the members of the facility were killed by the Cryptids, but Cross, Archer, and a scientist by the name of Dr. Kassar survived the initial outbreak.  Archer then promises himself that if he was to die in the facility, he was going to meet the man who killed him.  Watching the security feed, he watches as a woman frees a Hunter and sets it loose on a scientist in the room.  Archer notices it is Dr. Cross, and sets out to find her.

Date: October 30th, 2017 | 14 Weeks after the Colorado Outbreak (Point of Contact)

Place: Nightfall Facility, Point Barrow, Alaska

Objective: Destroy the hives, locate and escort Dr. Cross out of the Facility, and either bring Archer out in handcuffs or a bodybag.

You are introduced to the scene as a new team of players called the Rapid Reaction Force – CIF Team 1. You start in a tunnel leading to the entrance of the facility, and immediately a man inside the facility runs to the gate begging to be let inside.  This man is actually the one who gave you the drill on Point of Contact. He is unfortunately killed by the Breeder, and he is dropped on the ground.  The gate opens, and the real fun begins.

You are introduced to another character codenamed “Godfather”.  He is the general, or leader, of the Rapid Reaction Force – CIF Team 1.  Noting this, one can infer that Spectre 1 from Point of Contact was actually a team sent by Archer, not Godfather.

Your team destroys four hives in the first area, and all of a sudden, you hear a blood curling shriek. Turning around to a snow pile located between you and the compound, the breeder makes its first appearance.  CIF Team 1 manages to defeat it, but it only flees the scene for the moment.  This gives CIF Team 1 enough time to drill the remaining hives in the compound.  Samantha Cross is heard communicating to the team, so finding her is now top priority.  She explains that she is still alive, but so is Archer, and if he finds her, things won’t go well.  The breeder makes another appearance at the end of the compound area, but hastily retreats, opening a passageway for CIF Team 1 to enter to the third area.

Archer was also experimenting with different weapons involving the Cryptids, and hence, the Venom-X was born.  The Venom-X is a very powerful weapon which uses genetically modified Scorpion venom. It shoots out a single ball of this venom, and proceeds to explode in a deadly manner.  Any Cryptid to enter the area where you have shot the weapon for around 3 seconds after the explosion will be killed almost instantly.

CIF Team 1 continues to drill, and they manage to open up a room where, to their surprise, Cross is waiting for them behind the glass.  She explains she has finally figured out the translation, but no one will know what it says. She puts a gun to hear head and is about to fire, but at that moment, Archer comes into the room and shoots her arm, causing her to release the gun.  He tells CIF Team 1 that he can’t let them leave, as they know too much. Quickly, CIF Team 1 drills the final hive, and a rhino is seen crashing through a wall.  They kill the rhino, and walk through the opening.  Godfather insists that they need to run to catch up to the trailer which is driving away to catch Archer, but the Breeder isn’t done with them yet.

CIF Team 1 manages to kill the Breeder after a challenging battle, and with that, Nightfall is no more. It is destroyed upon CIF Team 1’s evacuation, and plans to follow Archer are made almost immediately.


Through intel found in the Archer intel in Nightfall, it is now known that Archer had a secret group of investors who helped fund his projects.  They are a mysterious Asian group, whose names or identities we still do not know. However, when Archer contacted its leader before he left Nightfall, the group had a change of heart about not funding the project.  They provided the money and resources for Archer and his team to assemble a ship and a crew and head out on the South Pacific Ocean to locate an Ark, or a place where the Cryptids had survived for millions of years below ground.

Now, however, Dr. Cross is a changed individual.  In the Kassar Cinematics (Ipad-looking intel found throughout the map), you can see that Samantha is not her normal self anymore.  She has now been locked into a beacon, which records her brain activity. After seeing Samantha control the hunter in the hatchery at Nightfall, he knows that something strange is going on with her.  Thus, he places her in the beacon, and notes that the closer they get to an ark, the more excited her brain seems to become, and thus is glows more.  This tactic they are using has been codenamed “Medusa”, as they are now using Cross as a weapon to use against the Cryptids.

Through the Medusa intel(intel found in search crates),players will take note of how Archer goes from relaxed to enraged/annoyed.  He says that after completing the After-Action Report from the Colorado Mission(Point of Contact), he noticed immediately how the Cryptids didn’t seem to act on animal instincts.  They seemed to coordinate, communicate, and listen to controls from another location. This gave Archer an idea: if we take out the leaders, then the Cryptids should then consider us leaders and attack their own species, inevitably destroying the Cryptid race.

He also talks about how the Cryptids are like the Spanish Stallions during the Spanish invasion of the Aztecs.  He notes that the Aztecs were so mesmerized by the sight of this new animal that they didn’t pay attention to the killers riding on their backs, which cost them everything.  He promises to not make that same mistake, as he now knows that the Cryptids are just like those stallions: diversions to the REAL issue.

In the last Medusa intel, Archer is sending an urgent message to your leader, Godfather. Archer is telling him he is looked at as a traitor and terrorist now, but only because the real truth is being hid from view.  He states that the human species is now endangered, and without his help, defeating the Cryptids will be virtually impossible.

Godfather takes this into consideration, and agrees to call a truce, except on a certain condition of which we don’t know.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kassar is interviewing Cross.  She starts off defending herself and telling him that the deaths of over a hundred workers at the Nightfall facility was not her fault.  Kassar disagrees, and Cross tells him that if he wants to get into her brain, someone already got there first.

Later on, she asks Dr. Kassar if he is aware of what a Mimetic virus is.  He replies, “It’s a kind of behavioral program, imprinted directly onto a person’s subconscious using a coded sequence of words and images, well, in theory.” Cross laughs a little, and says, “Theory… right…” as  if clueing to Kassar that this Mimetic virus was no joke.

Kassar meets with Archer later and shows him a live view of Cross’s brain activity, telling archer that there is so much activity going on in her brain that it should be enough to melt her entire nervous system.  Basically, as Kassar informs Archer, Cross is no longer human.  Archer doesn’t seem to care, so Kassar goes on to tell Archer that the Nightmares among the crew are becoming worse and worse(Cross seems to be transmitting terrifying nightmares to all crewmembers aboard the ship), and if Archer won’t put her down, he will.  Archer than grabs Kassar and tells him that if anything happens to her before they find the ark, he’ll be the next man who will be fed to the Cryptids.

*In Nightfall, one of the researchers there actually attempted to assassinate Cross, but when his plan was found out, Archer immediately executed him by forcing him into a Cryptid pen, where he was devoured.

Kassar, in the last Kassar Cinematic, goes up to Cross one last time and asks her two questions. The first is whether or not it is safe to assume that the species who built the arks was extinct, and Cross responds with a chuckle and states, “Believe me Doc, it is anything BUT safe.” He then asks how many of these ‘arks’ are located worldwide, and Samantha responds, “Mmm, hard to say.  It was all done in secrecy.  They were afraid SOMEONE might try to attack them in their sleep.” At this moment, hunters are seen breaking out of their pens and running towards the room where Cross and Kassar are.  Cross continues, “So they created a Guardian, to deal with any potential threat.” Kassar is now terrified and asks what is going on, and Cross says, “I let it know we were coming! I hope you don’t mind.”  Kassar begs for Samantha to let him live and he’ll help her, but Samantha seems to give him the best repayment she can think of: His unfortunate death by Hunters. Outside, the roar of the largest boss ever in a Call of Duty game, and possibly the most difficult boss, is heard outside:

The Kraken has arrived.

Date: November 25th, 2017 | 26 Days after the Nightfall Program Termination

Place: The Stormbreaker, Tasman Sea, South Pacific Ocean

Objective: Destroy the hives, locate Dr. Cross, euthanize her without damaging her brain, locate Archer and escort him and Cross’s body out of the Stormbreaker.

You start on a hoverboat rushing towards the Stormbreaker.  Godfather informs you about your main objective, and warns you about other Cryptid life-forms onboard the ship.  Without hesitation, CIF 1 starts drilling.  However, this drill is now upgraded to be able to swivel on an axle and shoot its laser upwards, which is incredibly useful in opening doors for supplies.

The team makes it through the first area, and plants the drill at their third hive, but is instantly warned by Godfather of an enormous entity approaching their position.  At that moment, a very large banging sound is heard, and the Kraken makes its first appearance.

It uses its tentacle to release Hunters around you, and smashes into the walls to stun you. (Assuming you do the challenge), CIF 1 manages to cause the Kraken tentacle to retreat, and they move forward.

In the second are, the Cargo area, more hives have grown.  Above you, an opening in the roof allows rain to fall on you.  There is a portion of this area which seems to be heavily walled off, and this is where Godfather states that the High Valued Individual (Archer) should be held up.  In this area, a hive is located beyond the reaches of where the team can manually put it down, so they must use a mobilized platform to deliver the drill to the hive.  This means that it cannot be repaired while it’s drilling, so CIF 1 carefully manages to pull through the process and continue drilling.

Finally, they manage to gain access to the door which is sealed shut to the room.  They drill the door, step inside, and find out that Archer isn’t there.  However, when they activate the crane to bring them up to the surface of the ship, Archer delivers a message to the team, and Godfather:

“Godfather must have an odd sense of humor, sending YOU to rescue ME (remember, Archer tried to kill the entire CIF 1 Team in the Nightfall facility).  You can tell your man there’s, er, been a bit of a cock-up. Some careless git burned up every copy of the Ark-Rep, except the one in here (points to his head).  Tell Godfather I’m prepared to accept his offer, but first, I’ll need the item we discussed, as a… token of good faith.  I just want the head, right? Do what you like with the rest of her, but bring back that pretty red head in one piece. You can’t win this war without my help, and you’ll have it, when I have proof that Samantha Cross is dead.”

CIF Team 1 is very confused as to what exactly Archer just said, so Godfather messages in, saying that there’s more to this that meets the eye, but he will inform them later when they finish the mission.  He reminds them to not damage Cross’s brain when they euthanize her, so they can use it for research and possibly continue the “Medusa” plan.

CIF 1 continues to drill the hives until they finish drilling their 13th hive.  The hive before, Archer radios in to the group and tells them that he tried to kill Cross 4 times, but never got as close as they are now.  After the last hive, Archer informs the group that the glass and doors sealing off Dr. Cross cannot be drilled into, but can be overridden by flooding the chamber with Chlorine gas.  There are four pipes in the room, and CIF 1 must defend them at all costs so that they can retrieve Cross’s body.  Archer warns them that they might want to kiss their asses goodbye, as every single Cryptid on the ship will come running to her rescue.

Of course, CIF Team 1 manages to fill the chamber with Chlorine gas, but before they are able to retrieve Cross’s body, she lets out a bloodcurling scream which is accompanied by an extremely menacing howl outside.  Godfather is stunned, as he asks what the hell just happened. (Depending on your game, he may also say, “Unless she sprouted gills, Cross is still aboard somewhere! Find her!” Or, “How did you manage to lose a dead woman in a glass box on an abandoned ship?!”)  A gaping hole is seen on the wall leading to the main deck of the ship, and CIF Team 1 has no choice but to board the main deck.

It stays quiet for a little bit, but a huge roar of water is heard on the Port side of the ship, and with that, the Kraken makes its grand appearance.

The Kraken is very intimidating, as it is enormous!  Godfather pipes in that the team HAS to defeat it to gain some level on this war, so CIF Team 1 does what CIF Team 1 does best: Kill Cryptids.

The battle rages on for quite some time, with the Kraken trying to smash, incinerate, and even EMP the team to death.  It switches sides of the ship frequently, but this gives the team time to recuperate. In the end, the Kraken is defeated, gives one final blood-curling roar, and smashes its head on the side of the ship and slowly sinks down into the ocean to its final resting place.

Godfather congratulates the team on their victory, but Cross is still nowhere to be found.  The team retrieves Archer, and they evacuate the ship right as it begins to sink to the bottom along with the Kraken.

Cross or not, the Stormbreaker was actually close to a second Cryptid colony, located in naked eye’s view of the sinking ship.  As seen in the epilogue cutscene, a large number of V-22 Ospreys are flying towards a mountain peak jutting out of the water known as Ball’s Pyramid.  It has been estimated that this colony is twice the size as the one in Colorado.

The President calls Godfather and demands to know why he didn’t kill Archer.  Godfather explains that Archer is a ‘necessary evil’, and he is the only one who has ever been this close to ‘them’.  (To himself, Godfather feels that the President doesn’t have the knowledge, or the stomach, to call orders and take control of the Cryptid Outbreak issue).  The President asks if he’s talking about the ‘Cryptid animals’, but Godfather replies that it isn’t the Cryptids that give him nightmares…

Viewing a live video, the President lays eyes on what looks to be a humanoid figure sitting atop of a stand, with tentacles on its face and surrounded by a strange aura.  Clearly horrified, the President is only able to respond, “What on Earth…”.  Godfather finishes his sentence:

It’s the masters they serve.


     With the distant plume of smoke emanating from the Stormbreaker as it sinks into its watery grave, Godfather knows that in this war against the Cryptids, it’s about time that the humans turned the tide in their favor.  With Dr. Samantha Cross declared M.I.A. (Missing in Action) and Archer in the hands of the United States military, Godfather gets to devising an assault on Ball’s Pyramid, a large rock structure which is visible by the naked eye from where the Stormbreaker was located.  As intel reports, Ball’s Pyramid is the site of an active volcano.  Knowing this, Godfather stumbles upon a somewhat shocking but obvious discovery:

     Both Caldera Peak and Ball’s Pyramid are located on or near areas where volcanic activity has occurred. From extensive studies in the Nightfall program, it was discovered that the Cryptid gain their energy from geothermal heat, or heat that emanates from inside of the Earth.  Additionally, Dr. Cross (before she was declared missing) had stated that there are multiple arks around the entire planet which hold surviving Cryptid colonies.  After all these weeks of wondering where these arks could be, the answer, as it turns out, was very simple:

At or around volcanoes all around the globe.

     This came as disturbing news to Godfather.  Ball’s Pyrmaid contains a volcano which is not necessarily large.  However, if this statement about the arks was true, then what about Mt. Saint Helens in Yellowstone National Park?  Mt. Saint Helens was classified as a supervolcano, which in short terms, is a VERY large volcano.  With very large volcanoes come very large amounts of geothermal heat. Hypothetically, with large amounts of geothermal heat, you have a MONSTROUS amount of Cryptids.

     Knowing this, Godfather knew that the assault Ball’s Pyramid had to happen soon.  And by soon, he meant immediately.

     Previously, Archer had an assassination order on his head.  Initially, Godfather followed these orders, and during the Nightfall incident, the orders were given to the CIF 1 Team to assassinate Archer if they could. However, when it was discovered how valuable Archer was with his knowledge of the Cryptid species, Godfather decided he needed Archer alive.

     After retrieving Archer from the Stormbreaker, Godfather, with acknowledgements from the President himself, gave Archer a deal:  If Archer refused to cooperate with the U.S. military, he would be euthanized or taken to prison.  However, if he decided to cooperate and aid the U.S. military in this Cryptid war, he would be given a Presidential Pardon. This Pardon would dismiss the execution orders, and Archer would walk out of the war a free man.  If he lived.

     Archer agreed with the terms.  His agreement could have quite possibly not have had anything to do with helping the United States, but the vengeance he had against the Cryptids for virtually destroying his reputation as an officer.  That is not known.

     Nevertheless, Godfather took the agreement as it was and organized the first assault team to infiltrate Ball’s Pyramid.  The team included Archer and other officers whose names we do not know.  The objectives of the mission were briefed to the team:

Reach the Ark.

Secure a sample from a living Ancestor.

Return the sample to the surface.

      Assuming this would be a relatively easy mission, Archer quickly accepted.

      Less than 48 hours after the Stormbreaker assault, Archer led his team 600 feet below the surface of Ball’s Pyramid and prepared to complete their mission as fast as possible.  Unfortunately, things wouldn’t quite go their way.

      Right out of the gate, they were ambushed.  It was such a severe surprise attack that Archer’s team wasn’t able to advance anywhere.

      However, the team was able to stand their ground. After running out of ammo for their primary weapons, they quickly switched to their pistols.  If the onslaught continued, they would run out of ammo entirely, and this would mean certain death for the team. 

      Archer was determined to not give up.  In the foreground, beyond a looming hill, was the Ark.  From where they were, the Ark seemed rather close; a simple walk forward over a hill, in fact (That was not the case. Through gameplay of the map, players would realize that getting to the ark would not be as simple as walking over a hill).


      Archer started to share words of encouragement to his team, such as, “Stand fast!  I can see the Ark!”   This kept the team going for a short while, but the Cryptids had a secret up their sleeves.

      Out of all the cryptid encounters so far, every species has been ground-based; meaning, they all have had four limbs which extend to the ground, much like a canine’s, for an optimal evolutionary advantage for living on the ground.   Going a bit off topic, some of the Cryptids have evolved to be able to be able to be able to function in a bipedal manner, or using two legs to walk/run while two other limbs are used for other purposes (humans are a prime example of using bipedalism). All this time, those fighting the Cryptid outbreak have been aiming there weapons towards the ground, shooting at Cryptids who are bound to the surface of the Earth or other surfaces. 

        It didn’t occur to the team, or Godfather, that even more species may exist.  This negligence proved fatal.


        Sensing an optimal time to throw a frag grenade, a soldier took one out of his pack and primed it.  All of a sudden, the soldier felt something fall onto him.  In sheer terror, the team had discovered yet another species of Cryptid: The Gargoyle.

         As the Gargoyle forced the soldier to release the frag, the soldier had enough sense to yell, “Fire in the hole!”.  If Archer and the other soldiers didn’t think fast, the grenade would explode and kill them all. 

         Archer, sensing immediate danger, grabbed the nearest thing to him to shield himself: another soldier.  While the soldier screamed in fear, Archer held him right where he was.

         When the grenade exploded, Archer was thrown back. The soldier in front of Archer protected him from the grenade, and he was K.I.A.  Archer, before landing, managed to swipe his arm against a plant of Cryptid origin.  This plant just so happened to poisonous.  Very poisonous.

         Stunned and in shock, Archer sat against the rock he was thrown back against.  Through blurry vision and the sounds of Cryptids shrieking, he saw a strange sight. A bipedal creature with a humanoid structure was approaching from the hill in front of him.  He noticed that not one of the Cryptids was attacking this creature, and upon closer inspection, horror swept through his body:  Initially, Archer had found Cross to aid in the Nightfall program. 

Now, Samantha Cross had found him.

          Virtually helpless, Archer watched as Cross walked up to him with a machete in hand.  She did not say hello.  She did not smile or frown.  She did not seem happy or angry.  Cross knelt beside Archer, inspected the poisonous spikes lodged in his arm, and said, “The poison is lethal.”  Archer responded, “No.  NO. None of this is real...”  Without hesitation, Cross responded, “Then this shouldn’t hurt.” 


          With a quick swipe of her machete, Archer’s right hand was gone.  She had in fact helped Archer by removing the area of his arm where the poison had already invaded so it could not poison the rest of his body.  


          Archer screamed in pain.  He was able to muster up a single sentence, “What do you want from me?”  Samantha cross put her lips right next to Archer’s ear, and said but one, quick sentence: “Same as everyone else… I want to make… A deal.” 


          The details of this deal were made clear to Godfather: If Cross gave Archer and his team a worry free route to the Ark to retrieve a sample of an Ancestor, then she would be granted safe passage off of the island.  The terms of the deal were accepted immediately, Archer got back on his feet, and they started their trek to the Ark.


          They stopped at a bridge which connected them to the Ark.  Cross exclaimed that a bridge was close ahead.  Archer immediately asked Cross, “Is that where your friends are waiting for us?” Cross simply stated that she didn’t know she had any friends.  Archer came back with a comment about the Cryptids having her as a friend, and how she betrayed Nightfall.  Cross stated that they didn’t have time for this shit, while Archer came back again and stated that if her ‘frozen friends’ could last hundreds of millions of years, they could wait just a little longer. 


           At this point, Cross had had enough of Archer’s complaints.  She turned around, walked towards Archer, and said “I know what you want.  And I can give you a ‘Medusa’s head’. “(Recall, the codename Medusa was used to reference the process of using Cross’s brain activity to locate arks in Mayday).  Archer exclaimed that she had read his mind, and then proceeded to point a pistol at her and asked why he should follow her into an ambush rather than just killing her and getting what he wants.


           This seemed to amuse Cross, as she shook her head with disappointment.  With that, she looked straight into Archer’s eyes and asked, almost with a hint of disbelief on her tongue,  “You have NO idea what’s about to happen, do you?”  Archer pushed the pistol against Cross’s jaw, and with a little excitement on HIS tongue, said,

“Go on love.  Enlighten Me.”


          So, Cross gave him the story:

                “The last thing I remember… is burning pain. As my lungs filled with gas… shattering glass… rain on my face… and this… shrieking.  When I woke up, I was inside the Ark.  And I could feel them watching me… from the inside.  I felt the ancestors staring into my mind… So I stared back, and I saw the end of the world.  They’ve always been here.  Watching; waiting.  They’re everywhere, right beneath our feet!  They’ve used others like me as their eyes and ears on the surface.  They’re about to broadcast a signal to awaken every Ark on the planet.  They’re gonna kill us all… unless we kill them first.”

          This information was given to Godfather. Godfather immediately asked Archer what he was doing with Cross, and Archer stated that he had various options in mind.  Godfather told Archer that if Cross knew what the Ancestors were planning, it was best to not kill her.  Archer then said that he doesn’t want to get killed over a bunch of bullocks, and that he can be up to the surface in an hour with her head in an icebox. Godfather says that’s a negative and what he said was an order, but Archer just so happens to lose communication at that point in time.


          After some time, Archer relays a message back to Godfather.  He exclaims that he owes Godfather an apology.  It turns out, as he says, that Cross was indeed telling the truth after all. She has, without incident, led them to the Ancestor’s hibernation chamber, and Archer was able to successfully euthanize and obtain a sample from one. 


          He states that killing it was simple and suspects that’s because they’ve been in hibernation for so long.  Once the creature was dead, the team dissected the brain of the creature and removed an organ which closely resembled the Pineal Gland of the human brain.


*Side Note* - Information about the Pineal Gland:  The Pineal gland is a small endocrine gland (gland defined by their process of delivering their products, hormones, directly into the blood stream rather than through a duct first) located near the center of the brain between the 2 hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies(gray matter in the posterior part of the brain that relays sensory impulses, or electrical signals that allow the nerve cells to communicate and transmit messages within the organism) join.  It produces the hormone melatonin, which affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and photoperiodic(seasonal) functions.  The Pineal Gland is oddly shaped like a Pinecone, hence the name, ‘Pineal Gland’.


          Strangely enough, the Pineal Gland’s psychological (emotional) functions have largely been unknown.  Even stranger, many mystical traditions and esoteric(limited; belonging to a select few) schools have claimed for many years that the Pineal Gland is the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds.  It is considered the most powerful and highest source of ethereal(heavenly/celestial) energy  available to humans.  It’s also interesting to note that the Pineal Gland has always been an important variable in initiating supernatural powers, as development of psychic talents have been closely associated with this organ. 


          This gland is also commonly called the “Third Eye”, as it is often referred to as the gland which enables the organism to ‘view’ supernatural occurrences.


          This gland gets even more strange.  It not only controls your sleep patterns and many unknown psychological aspects, but it also controls the various bio-rhythms of the body.  It works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland which directs the body’s thirst, hunger, sexual desire, and most intriguing: the biological clock that determines our aging process. 


           When it “awakens”, as they say, one feels a pressure at the base of the brain.



          As Archer stated, THIS was the source of the Ancestor’s telepathy and how they were able to give orders and commands from where they sat to others all around the globe.  The military and scientific value of this organ, as stated by Archer, is incalculable.  This organ, as Archer continues, will enable the army to complete the construction of a bioweapon called the Cortex, which is the Medusa device that he has sought after. This one device would turn the tide of the war entirely against the Cryptids.  Theoretically, this means that the Cortex has become the most single most important device ever to be built by man. 


          Unfortunately, as Archer says, Cross was confirmed K.I.A. during the attack.  Archer goes on to say that we can all take comfort in the knowledge that Cross died not only serving her country, but also her species.


           In the last intel piece found, Archer and his squad are seen finishing up their work on the Ancestor while Cross stands near, supervising them.  As Archer stands up, he points his gun at Cross and is preparing to shoot her. However, Cross’s powers were a bit underestimated by Archer. 


           With struggle appearing on his face, Cross says, “Careful where you point that thing…”.  Soldiers around Archer start to ask if he’s alright, but another soldier shouts, “Archer’s lost it!” And with that, Archer shoots all three of his squad mates. 


           Archer is clearly terrified.  He now has no control over his actions.  As he slowly lowers the gun to his right knee, Cross says, “you wouldn’t want to hurt yourself…”.  Powerless, Archer then shoots himself in the knee.


          Incapable of walking, he leans against one of the ancestor’s podiums.  Cross slowly approaches him, and with a look of satisfaction says,

“Of all the people who are gonna die today, no one deserves it more than you.”

Date: November 25th, 2017 | 36 Hours after Operation: Mayday

Place: Ball’s Pyramid, 672m (meters) Below Sea Level

Objective: Scan all obelisks between you and the Ark, gain access to the Ark, retrieve the Cortex Bioweapon, and return to the surface.

          Upon Archer’s sudden communication loss,  Godfather is left in the dark as to what exactly happened to Archer and his squad. Godfather then realizes that another team must be sent down to scan the obelisks that Archer wasn’t able to scan with the drill due to the sudden ambush that his group had encountered, destroy them, find Archer, retrieve the Cortex, and make it back to the surface. This sudden mission would require a team with skill, precision, agility, knowledge, courage, fearlessness, and immense teamwork skills.  Without hesitation, Godfather calls upon the only team that he knows possesses all of those features.

CIF Team 1.


          Less than 36 hours after their intense and exhausting battle with the Kraken, CIF Team 1 wholeheartedly agrees to the mission. Godfather rapidly briefs them on their sudden mission, and then they are sent 600 feet below Sea Level  to finish what Archer wasn’t able to.


          CIF Team 1 arrives in an underground cavern illuminated by flares.  Nothing quite spectacular.  They find this ‘scanner’ that Godfather briefed them about, and it was shaped exactly like the drill they have used on previous missions.  However, it towers above them on a ledge.  At first, the team was confused as to how they were going to reach it; then, someone tried jumping to reach the top of the ledge to haul themselves up. 


          CIF Team 1 was astounded by how high their squad member jumped.  With one single leap, the squad member was able to leap over the ledge and stand on top, looking down at the other members.  CIF Team 1 was not expecting this.  Godfather later informed CIF Team 1 that the Ancestors had developed an extremely advanced form of gravimetric (branch of science which intensely studies gravity) technology.  The technology they had created confused even the most intelligent human researcher, and, as Godfather put it, “It’s a different world down there, with different rules…”


          Additionally, as it was discovered, the bimolecular (molecular composition of your entire body) composition of both Cryptid and humans alike were enhanced when in presence of the Ark.  This allowed the bodies of both Cryptids and humans to perform at even higher levels than what they originally were.


          So, the rest of the team jumps up to the ledge, and they grab this ‘scanner’.  Godfather fills them in on what exactly it is:


“Your team has been assigned a Cypher Prototype. It’s an optical scanner that has been mounted on a modified drill chassis.  Use it to scan the glyphs on those Obelisks.” At first, CIF Team 1 isn’t quite sure what he means, but when the team walks down the tunnel to the opening, what they see baffles them.


           It’s almost like an entirely different world; an alien world. Red grass-like plants have grown everywhere.  Strange plants with ovular shaped bulbs grow just a little taller than the red plants. Huge mushroom shaped ‘tree’s’ tower above the rest of the plants.  The terrain is extremely unforgiving; tall ledges are everywhere.  Looking above, it seems like they are in an endless void of red.  In fact, almost everything they see seems to be the color red. 


          Water is found in pools that lie around the area. Dangerous spiky red plants grow all over, and CIF Team 1 is fully aware to not touch them. 


          The team has also been briefed on new species of Cryptids where were confirmed: They were nicknamed Gargoyles, Bombers, and Mammoths.  The mammoths, they were told, was a species which was better left alone. 


          Around the area, trails led off into separate sections.  A member of the team walked down one, and shockingly, a mammoth popped out from under the ground.  With it, Hunters also popped up.  CIF Team 1 killed the Mammoth as fast as they could, and realized that it had the ability to dig underneath them.  They had to be more careful.  This was not the world they were used to fighting in anymore.


          By some lockers lay a soldier’s dead body. Accompanying it was a gun with an ark attachment.  This attachment enhanced the gun’s damage, so it was beneficial that each member was able to receive one from a fallen soldier’s weapon.


           It was time to start scanning the obelisks.  A member of the team laid the scanner down, and it started to illuminate the obelisk with w bright white/blue light. Out of nowhere, green plants sprouted. A member cautiously approached one, and was stunned for a moment.  These did not shoot out matter like the Seeder’s did, but instead released a gas which would stun any nearby organism for a short period. 


           From a distance, approaching Cryptids were heard. A gargoyle was spotted flying down to meet the team.  CIF Team 1 cocked their weapons, loaded up their guns, and got to work. 


          Five obelisks scattered this first area.  CIF Team 1 scanned all of them with ease. Although the gargoyle’s rained fire from above, CIF Team 1 used the rugged terrain and towering mushroom trees for easy protection. 


           After all were scanned, Godfather radioed in. Now, they needed to destroy all of the obelisks they scanned.  A vanguard control station was brought down with Archer’s team, but not got put to use. That would change.  A member of the team took control of the Vanguard, and the others protected it from the damaging attacks of the Cryptids against it. After an intense couple of minutes, the Vanguard had managed to destroy all of the obelisks located in the area. The door which was once sealed from entry was now open, and CIF Team 1 advanced.


           In this second area, these Obelisks were more complicated.  More of them needed to be scanned.  So, CIF Team 1 scanned.  They learned the terrain of this environment rapidly, and instead of cowering away from it, they used it against the Cryptids.  They ducked into tunnels, sprang out of tunnels, used the extreme buoyancy of the mushroom shaped trees to their advantage, hid underneath them for protection against the gargoyle’s attacks; they seemed to be adapting to this environment faster than the Cryptids could handle. 


          Once again, a Vanguard was needed to destroy the obelisks they had scanned so they could gain entry to the next area.  A member of the team successfully destroyed all of the obelisks with the Vanguard, and with that, they moved on.


           This third area astounded the team.  Looming right in front of them was the Ark. Waterfalls lay all around them. Again, these obelisks were different. These were much taller and shaped differently.  Godfather told the team that Archer informed him that to gain access to the Ark, these obelisks needed to be powered.  Samantha Cross had powered them when she accompanied Archer and his team initially, but CIF Team 1 needed to do it by scanning.  So that’s what they did.


          This was the last thing between them and the Ark. The Cryptids threw all they could at the team, but it just didn’t work.  CIF Team 1 scanned all three of these obelisks, and with that, the bridge to the Ark was opened.


          Shockingly, a familiar voice was heard over the radio. As it turns out, Samantha Cross was not dead.  She warned the team that they were too late, as the Ancestors had already sounded the alarm to invade the surface of the Earth.  Godfather knew that the war had now been lost.  The only chance of coming back was to obtain the Cortex, and it was inside the Ark.


          CIF Team 1 quickly ran into the Ark, where they met Archer.  In his hand lay the Cortex.  Cross started to explain to the team what they needed to do to escape with the Cortex, while Archer tried to persuade the team to not listen to her.  Seeing no other choice, they followed Samantha’s advice.


          Four terminals were located inside of the Ark. Each were connected to the Cortex. All four of them needed to be active for the Cortex to gain power.  To gain power, the Cortex needed either Cryptid or human sacrifices. Being that the Cortex was a psychokinetic battery, this was necessary. Obviously, Cryptid sacrifices were more favorable.


          As CIF Team 1 powered up the Cortex enough to initiate a total meltdown of the system, the Ancestors started to awaken.  They released intense jolts of electricity upon the team, hoping to halt their progress.  Of course, it did not work.  The team continued to activate the Cortex time and time again, until finally, Cross said that meltdown was imminent. 


           Cross urged the team to grab the Cortex and run out of there as fast as they could.  A member of the team grabbed the cortex and started to run.  Behind them, Archer yelled, “You need me!  Don’t leave me here!”  When Archer realized that CIF Team 1 wasn’t going to stop to help him up, Archer shouted, “I’ll see you all in hell!”  With that, Archer was silenced.


           The team discovered that energy fields blocked their exit.  Upon Cross’s instruction, the Cortex was placed next to these fields, and the team charged it by killing Cryptids.  When Cross stated it was full, the team would activate the device, destroy the energy field blocking their exit, and make their way to the next one.


          Upon the destruction of the last field, CIF Team 1 carried the Cortex with them to their drop-off area, and the Cortex was now in human hands. 


          Upon returning to the surface, CIF Team 1 did not re-enter a world dominated by humans.  The surface of the Earth had started to become overrun.  Atlanta was under siege.  China was a war zone.  The entire United States was declared Defcon 1.


          CIF Team 1 was picked up.  Surprisingly, another passenger was located: Samantha Cross.


          According to the intel, Godfather states, “Proceed directly to the Exodus launch site.  I’ll tell them to save four seats.” When the pilot of the rescue helicopter finds Cross, he says, “Better make that five, sir.”  And Godfather replied, “I’ll be damned…”


          On a secure line, the President of the United States talked with Godfather.  Godfather informed the president that this war had been lost.  The surface was projected to be 80% overrun in 200 hours. The only option they had left, according to Godfather, was ‘Scorched Earth’. 


          The President seemed distraught when Godfather mentioned this, saying “And then it’s over… for all of us.” 


          Godfather continued:


          “The Ancestors survived the last apocalypse in Arks hidden under our feet.  But we’ve got an Ark of our own…” The President did not make a sound.

“Hidden right over their heads.”

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