Do more relics really earn more teeth?

Ghosts Extinction

So far i have seen two different theories with how the relic teeth thing works since the update.

1). You get an extra tooth per relic you hold when you beat the map or;

2). You get one extra tooth for one relic and only two extra teeth for 2+ relics

Can anyone confirm either one or is there something else at play?

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Our hypothesis is that you earn one tooth per relic up to five, plus an additional bonus, and then at least one tooth per relic for 5+, plus an even higher bonus. As a case in point, we took someone on my friends list through a 10 relic run on POC the other night and he earned 24 teeth. Even if he earned 1 for kills, 2 for 10 challenges, 4 for completing all challenges (which we did) and a couple for the escape (it was either platinum or gold) and 1 for each relic that still leave 5+ unaccounted for. BTW he had only 2 downs the whole game.

If the theory is even partially correct, at 20+ teeth for 10 relic run, as painful as they are to do there's real incentive there....

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I've done 8 relic runs never got a teeth for each relic maybe you have to do all challenges to get the extra teeth for relics...?

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"I've done 8 relic runs never got a teeth for each relic maybe you have to do all challenges to get the extra teeth for relics...?"

I did not start playing this until oct 2018. So far relics apear to be absolutely worthless, i cant say i have tried veteran mode at all yet but i just beat regular with 4 relics on, i beat every challenge and did not take damage the whole game. I did not cheat or glich, i was only awarded 1tooth. I had 1 split screen teamate same story. But they got 2 teeth. Hoping playing vetren tm makes a difference, but i doubt it, seems like someone "fixed" destroyed this game with an "update" then abandoned it. Game is really glichy, feels unfinished, bonuses dont function correctly, abilitys cancel each other.....i cant imagine ever paying someone for this, id have to tell you to come back to me when you have finished beta. This game is ridiculously easy. Coming from zombies the fast pace was fun at first but its way too easy, i also hate the linair game line, this game is just a very bad less functional knock off of resistance 2 co op. 

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