Drill Stuck Inside Player

Ghosts Extinction

Has anyone else ever had the drill glitch out and get stuck inside you. I play as engineer a lot and I'm always carrying the drill around, so this tends to happen to me pretty often. Does anyone know how this can be avoided? I hate downing myself just to unglitch the drill

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I've seen TheRelaxingEnd on Youtube post a video of it.

Apparently there's no way to get the drill out of you in Nightfall.

There's also another drill glitch where the drill will suddenly start losing health rapidly until is reaches 0 causing the match to end.

I don't think I've encountered either of these problems though.

Why haven't Infinity Ward done something about this already?

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The other day something like this happened to me for the first time ever... Prepareuranus posted on here looking for help getting through POC so i responded to him in here and we hooked up ingame. I figured a 2 person run would be ok and increase his chances to get some achievements ie. scavenger, a comp run and or a plat escape. We made it into the town easy enough and while on hive 6 the drill took some damage and went down to 46-47 before I could get onto it and fix it. I fixed the drill to 100% health and backed away from it just to have it spaz on me and blow up. Really it blew up.... there were no cryps anywhere near it and it had turned back to blue from yellow indicating damage. That ended that run on the spot.... too bad really since it was a nice run for sure and he was having a good game on top of it. This happen to anyone else? 

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I think it's usually lag that causes it, so if there is too much lag in the game, try not to pick the drill up. Of course, if enemies start spawning you have no choice, so you'd have to chance it. The bright side, if it happened then you'd be able to get downed much faster lol.

I've had the glitch where the drill health goes down to 0 like crazy. Either there was an invisible alien on it, or simply the drill wanted to lose health for no reason. That was horrible. I've only had it once though.

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I have seen the drill rapidly losing health for no reason and the drill getting stuck inside the person. On either POC or NF to get the drill out of the person, set a fire trap and have them stand in it, when they go down the drill should appear.

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When this happens now and if Im the only one that knows what happening I usually tell them they broke the drill and rub it in, play with them for a minute or two for laughs then tell them how "exorcise" the drill

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I know how to fix it,all u have to do is set a fire trap or a electric fence and stand in it until u die and someone revives u and they pick it  up.

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The drill glitch "stuck inside player" happened to one of TheRelaxingEnd's matches. He posted a youtube video of it. The player tried downing and even bled out but the drill refused to leave the player.

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Have had the drill inside the player glitch a few times but one I experienced the other day that was new to me was after being revived from a down I had lost both primary weapons, venom x, soflam and riot shield. Would let me buy a new riot and primary but not pick up a soflam or venom x. Anybody else had this?

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