Extinction Clan?

Ghosts Extinction

I would also like to join a clan with good extinction players. Im tired of playing with poeple who dont know how to play it right for example failing at the first challenge or waiting to long to find the right people

Psn name: HawkEye_Alex

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come join our extinction clan!!

my pSn is Nataliew28

clan name is extinction clan2

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thanks for posting your clan in here! alot of PSN players have wanted a clan to call home!

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im interested in joining a extinction clan..

add me if i can join : yliemunatie

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I would like to join an extinction clan. I am prestige 24 with 51 POC escapes, pistol ark, and master scavenger. I am a great team player and I always go for challenges (I have 3 completionist trophies). My PSN is shauntrophyman

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ESQD is an active x360 clan currently. The "life" cycle of a clan now in Ghosts is waning quickly since AW is now out but I am still playing the hell outta extinction and have many members who haven't made the jump into AW. I would encourage you to try to friend players on your system that still enjoy Extinction and friend them at least to give yourself some teammates. The randoms left in game now on xbox have gotten better with other games beinbg released so games with randoms actually have gotten a lil better. You can't turn a non team player into one in an hourby any means but a quick chat that focus 's on the fact this is a team mode might help make your next hour go better! thanks and happy hunting xbox360- GT- OFC Pugnax

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