Extinction Knowledge Sheet

Ghosts Extinction

It won't let Vulturus make new threads for some reason, so he has asked for me to post this on his behalf. I in no way take any credit for this.

Hello, if the community wish to look at my documented sheet which contains many info

about extinction then i recommend following the download link below:

Download Extinction Knowledge Sheet.txt from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way



Goodbye Ghosts ~waves hand~

Vulturus Flying out!


--   00   --   Content Included   ---------------------------------------------------------------


1: Loadout

- 1A: Classes

- 1B: Pistols

- 1C: Ammo Type

- 1D: Team Support

- 1E: Strike Packages

- 1F: Equilizers

- 1G: Relics

2: Armoury Upgrades

- 2A: Teeth Upgrades

- 2B: Teeth System

3: Weapon Analysis

- 3A: Sub Machine Guns

- 3B: Assault Rifles

- 3C: Light Machine Guns

- 3D: Sniper Rifles

- 3E: Shotguns

- 3F: Marksmen Rifles

- 3G: Miscellaneous

4: Schematics

5: Cryptid Analysis

6: Score Sheets - Regular Mode

- 6A: Point of Contact

- 6B: Nightfall

- 6C: Mayday

- 6D: Awakening

- 6E: Exodus

- 6F: Additional Info

7: Score Sheets - Harcore Mode

- 7A: Point of Contact

- 7B: Nightfall

- 7C: Mayday

- 7D: Awakening

- 7E: Exodus

- 7F: Additional Info

8: Differences

- 8A: Lobby Differences

- 8B: Difficulty Differences

- 8C: Venom-X Differences

9: Challenges

- 9A: Map Specific

- 9B: Gun Challenges

- 9C: Kill Challenges

- 9D: Miscellaneous

10: Special Locations

- 10A: Intel Locations

- 10B: Easter Eggs

- 10C: Egg-stra Locations

11: Special Thanks

12: My Strategies

13: My Farewell

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I hope vulture reads because what he wrote really pissed me off. I never learned the medusa trick for higher scores from him or Brett. I figured it out myself and thats how I got my 650K and took #1 on 360, several weeks ago. I figured it out on a test run with some friends on xbox one. We found out waiting and killing the extra ancestor gives you more score. It worked and we kept getting 62K+ for our medusa score. Lau ended up beating my score so we figured out how to get the most score out of the ancestors and that was how we got Brett a 697K. Brett never had to tell us because we ALREADY KNEW! I never learned it from you vulture and calling me out as a fraud really pissed me off and if you would be so kind as to delete that part about me taking that information from you would be nice because I never learned it from you or brett.

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Good guide  good read. Also, Vulturus if you read this, if you are using an Ipad, try rotating 90 degrees. I ran into someone with a similar issue of not being able to post, worked for him. Also, hats off to you for completing the guide, and to Stinky for starting the thread on your behalf.

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I ask my name be removed out of the guide that is all

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Nice to see someone so passionate about the game that they have gone through all the trouble and spent so much personal time compiling a guide like this, all for the greater good of our extinction community.

Many thanks for your efforts, I salute your dedication.

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Thanks so much N0cturn41Vu1tur, and Stinky666 for this. I will definitely be sharing this with friends since you deserve the support.

I see where the effort and dedication has been put in and it has payed off!

Good luck in your degree and cheers.

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I've started working on a website using @VulturusMidnite guide. Call of Duty Chat The domain is one I purchased a while back and I've got a lot of work to do but thought I'd share this now in case I get any objections I can stop now before putting more work into it

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Wasgoing through the guide to check if mr28 can be bought in exodus, when i noticed the guide failed to mention the bulldog can also be bought in exodus. It's near the gas station if i'm correct

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Surprised he missed that out since it's so good. Bulldog, to my knowledge can be found in two places on Exodus: office area, near the stairs where aliens spawn, and yep, at the gas station near the eye ball.

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