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Hello to the 15 of you who still play Extinction!


                 I have spent the last month testing almost every aspect of Extinction in an effort to understand the intricate inner workings of the game, and finally produce some solid data regarding things like weapon damage, cryptid HP, and damage multipliers. I have produced this spreadsheet which summarizes my findings. It starts with a weapon chart which sorts the weapons by decreasing DP (arguably the single most important stat of a weapon in Extinction) and shows you which maps each weapon can be found on. I didn’t bother trying to find the damage over range values because I would lose my mind, but just know that the weapons generally behave in a similar way to how they do in multiplayer regarding range, and that the Holographic sight’s range meter seems to be reliable enough way of understanding your damage drop-off. Next there’s a chart with data regarding the Cryptids, their HP, their damage, and the cash they yield when killed. I have also included a bunch of miscellaneous charts and notes regarding other aspects of the game that I hope you find helpful or at least interesting. I was going to include a chart describing the ways to get teeth, but I saw that this Wikipedia article: http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Extinction nailed it. (The number of extra teeth you get for completing a Hardcore mission is 3). Anyways, I hope this not-so-little project of mine can be of some use to you!




I’m about to be hella busy come spring semester but I’d be down to get a game or two of extinction with y’all if there’s time. PS4: EJBJEB123.

1Weapons 12Weapons 23Weapon Locations4Top 10s5Other Weapons and Damage Multipliers6Movement Speed7Hive Duration8Cryptids9Notes 110Notes 211XP and Class Ability duration


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Wow! Dude that's awesome, good job for doing this!
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