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if anybody has spare time, whats the ?.? reload speed of these individual weapons

CBJ-MS, Vector CRB, Remington R5, M27-IAR, LAST, Chainsaw,

Ameli, VKS, L115, USR, FP6, Tac-12, MTS-255, MR-28, IA-2, SVU

Kasket, Panzerfaust, Combat Knife, MK32 Launcher, Portable Turret

Grenade Turret, Venom-X, NX1 Disruptor

Reload Speed/ Recharge Rate

example 3.3 seconds:

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CoD:Ghosts Weapon charts (Damage, accuracy, etc.) | Symthic

This site has plenty of info for reload speeds, full magazine, partial reload, ect. It was designed for multi-player so the damages and ammo counts are off but I am pretty sure the reloads are exactly the same for extinction.

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I had lost some weapon dealt data. my laptop bugged and I lost several software in the process but nothing that affects the app. just a minor setback with weapon damages though, will be finishing it tonight and tomorrow

I will be doing these:

Magnum - for accuracy

M9A1 - because of burst rates











Combat Knife

Death Machine







in a 4 player lobby. some due to extreme damage cant possibly leave it as 2 shots on most of them XD

trying for accurate results on these so I got 3 players so far. hopefully we can get a fourth from our friends list tonight

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Is there any way you can find out how to get max teamwork on every hive? Like I'm talking the exact amount of drops and kills you need for every area. Especially the barrier hives in POC. Could really use itSmiley Happy Thank you!

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3x teamwork is max per hive. Kills don't affect score much (if any).

Challenge, keeping drill at 100/125, missing 0 shots, taking 0 damage=higher score.

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No, like the amount of drops and stuff. you know. I really need that for the POC barrier hives to get max. Basically its only a problem on the first barrier hive. Anyone help??

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I do not help glitchers. get lost!

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Final results are in for USR, L115, SVU, Panzer, Kastet, Death machine & Mk32.

Here is everything I got so far, ordered by category.

Shots to kill hunter, close range from behind. No armory upgrades or relics and with standard ammo, in a 1 man custom game.


Grach: 15

P226: 13

Magnum: 5

M9A1: 15 (5 bursts)

Assault Rifles

Maverick: 14

Remington: 14

SA805: 11

AK12: 14

ARX: 11

SC2010: 11 (single shots)


Vector: 12

CBJ-MS: 15

Ripper: 14 14 (both modes)

MTAR: 14

K7: 12

Vepr: 14

Bizon: 16


Ameli: 14

M27: 14

Chainsaw: 12

LSAT: 14


IA2: 8

Mk14: 8

MR28: 3

VKS: 4

USR: 2

L115: 2

SVU: 8


MTS: 3

FP6: 3


Panzer: 2

Kastet: 2

Semtex: 2


Death machine: 20 (no skill points)

Mk 32: 2 (no skill points)

IMS: 1 (no skill points)

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Hi, guys.  Sorry for digging up this old thread but I love extinction and I wanted to give my thanks for your work in testing here.  That said, I wanted to add some information of my own based on the exact same testing parameters you guys have used.

After some quick testing, I wanted to inform you guys that I do not think there is any damage penalty to using Explosive Rounds.  Some time ago there was a youtube video released explaining why the host thought the Explosive ammo had an associated damage penalty of 20% but I wanted to test it under much more controlled settings.

Solo Testing  = Mob Health confirmed 50% of 4-party health

Turned The Damage +5% Boost OFF

Job was Tank + Medic (Neither job effects explosive damage so there was no harm in using this combo)

For this test, I went to Point of Contact and worked my way to the 2nd area to use the Bizon for the test.

I chose the Bizon because it is confirmed to be the weakest of all weapons, taking 16 bullets at optimum range to kill a hunter.  This provides the largest sample size.  If the Explosive Ammo indeed nerfs bullet damage by 20%, it will be the most obvious on this of all weapons.

Method:  I started the first drill and waited for the 2-3 hunters to appear towards the end of the round and threw a Flare down to distract them while I shot them in the back.  I was lucky enough for both the hunters to be fairly spread out.  I had access to Red-Flares so I had plenty of time to carefully perform the test.

First Hunter, I used normal Ammo and it took 16 very carefully placed shots in its back to kill it. Exactly the same as tested here.

Second Hunter, I switched to Explosive Ammo and counted shots in its back the same as the first and it took 16 shots to kill, exactly the same as with Normal Ammo.  If the bullet Damage was 20% weaker, it would have taken 20 bullets to kill the target.  So for those of us that still enjoy playing extinction, consider that a very busted myth. 

Further food for thought,  I took the liberty of calculating the DPSs of my favorite weapons to present for you all.  This way if you ever wanted to know the strongest weapons, you could take a quick glance at this list.

Until Marvel4 or Mousey get off their high horses and actually .Dat-mine the gun stats, this is the closest one can get to the true Extinction gun stats.

If you use a full health Hunter as the control, you can easily calculate the relative power of all weapons in Extinction.

Assume Full Health of Hunter = 1000

Solo Play, Hunter HP = 500

Take ARX which kills a Solo Hunter in 11 hits

500/11 = 45.45 Which means the ARX's damage is 46 Minimum.

ARX's RPM doesn't appear to be altered compared to Multiplayer so you can still say it shoots at 857 RPM

857 RPM / 60 = 14.28 Rounds p/ Second

46 x 14.28 = 656.88 DPS

If you use that method, you can easily calculate DPS for any weapon you want.  Here's my top 6

#1 Bulldog (by a MILE) - 1250 <-- Changed upon learning the Bulldog's Extinction RPM

#2 ARX --------------------- 656.88

#3 K7 ----------------------- 626.64

#3 Chain-SAW ----------- 599.76

#4 SA-805 ---------------- 589.72

#5 Ripper ----------------- 580.32

#6 Vector ----------------- 531.3

You'll notice the Bulldog completely stomps the other guns in Damage per second.  This is because it deals the same damage as all the other Shotguns, which do the same damage as the Heavy Sniper Rifles (USR and L115)  But it shoots at 300 RPM!!!   That much power with that much speed is just ridiculous.  I dont even wanna know what the Honey Badger was for them to remove it for being overpowered O.o;

I have not yet tested to see if the Explosive damage bonus from Engineer effects Explosive rounds but I am about to.  I just wanted to present this information to you guys as a thank you for doing the testing needed for me to crunch these guns into relative numbers.

***EDIT*** (10/26/2014)

I noticed the bulldog shoots a fair bit slower than the Multiplayer version so I did some digging and found out it shoots at 300 RPM in Extinction and Single Player, not the 480 I previously thought it was.

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OH, further notes on the bulldog

Solo Hunter HP = 500

Shots to kill Solo hunter = 2

Minimum Damage = 250

RPM = 300, RPS = 5

5 x 250 = 1250 Base DPS

250 + 5% Tooth Upgrade = 262.3

1311.5 DPS

250 + 25% Weapon Specialist + Tooth Upgrade = 312.5

1562.5 DPS

250 + 55% Weapon Specialist Max + Tooth Upgrade = 387.5

1937.5 DPS

250 +75% Weapon Spec. + Tooth Upgrade + Ark = 437.5

2187.5 DPS

250 +85% Weapon Spec. + Tooth Upgrade + Ark + Job Ability = 462.5 (You also get this damage by using Engineer's explosive bonus with CSA + Double Class)

2312.5 DPS

250 + 95% Weapon Spec. + Engineer Explosive (CSA + Double Class) + Tooth Upgrade + Ark + Job Ability = 487.5

2437.5 DPS

I have no idea how this thing was not nerfed but it is an absolute monster.  I have several game clips where I am removing entire chunks of Ancester Health in 4-man lobbies.  You actually watch the thing die quite rapidly in roughly 20 seconds.  This thing is just way too strong lol


Some people do not like the Slug-Effect to the Shotguns but I did some testing and I find Slugs more beneficial to Extinction than Pellet rounds.  Both sets do the same total damage but with Pellet rounds you only do max damage when all 8 pellets hit the target, which is pretty much only point-blank range.  Where as Slugs take the entire 8-Pellet damage and puts it into one Slug.  So that makes it much easier to keep your max damage.  The only downside is that you have to get used to aiming down the sights.  Considering how massively damaging this gun is, and Slugs improving your performance?  Yea.. Its a trivial price to pay lol.

***EDIT*** (10/26/2014)

I noticed the bulldog shoots a fair bit slower than the Multiplayer version so I did some digging and found out it shoots at 300 RPM in Extinction and Single Player, not the 480 I previously thought it was.  Values changed accordingly.

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