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Kudos for the testing - seems to validate what many of us understood anecdotally, but it's nice to see that backed up with data.

Your footnote about "slug effect" rounds pertains, I take it, to CSA. The +/- of CSA with shotguns has been a point of contention among quite a few, but your results are consistent with my experience: if you aim, and use the shotgun as intended as a close range weapon, CSA is actually more effective.

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Its most preferable use would be for CSA, yes but one does not need to bar themselves from Shotguns if they are using Explosive.  It actually gives them a slight boost to their effective range because instead of needing the target to be close enough for all pellets to hit it, you need only aim and send the one slug into one precise shot.  Making it more effective, if only slightly, than other rounds for delivering the most damage possible with the shotgun.  I think people were worried that the slug effect weakened the Shotgun, my testing shows that its actually the opposite but the downside is you now have to aim instead of hip-firing.

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Just did the same test again but this time as Tank + Engineer.  I can confirm that Engineer does indeed give a damage boost to Explosive rounds. 

Normal Bizon Damage = 32 per shot.  But with Engineer + Explosive, it took 15 Shots, This shows a 6.25% increase in damage so its probably an increases of 10% for Explosives.  For traps, I'm almost certain its double damage as electric fence traps always kill in half the normal amount of hits with Max Engineer.

Hope everyone finds this new information useful

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These tests are cool and all, but youre shooting at an inanimate cryptid. The numbers will change when you have several hunters/scouts/seekers scorpions shooting at you. The damage it puts out means nothing if you cant make the best use of it.

At the end of the day, the best guns are the ones you use for the situation you put yourself in. As for ammo, CSA is great and all but its the worst for hardcore. Once you make that transition into hardcore, you will quickly see what works best given that youre in tougher situations than regular.

Good results tho. Would be interesting to see how much arc damage the new upgrade does for stun ammo, for example how many arcs would it take for a rhino to die from with non direct hits, just arc damage alone...

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If he were to shoot at animated cryptids the test would be unfair though. At least this is controlled. Still, if one weapon does more damage than the other, you can safely bet it is better even if cryptids are damaging you.

Of course, a Bulldog and a K7 are terrible at say, shooting a cryptid 100ft away, but that was not the point of the testing, it was to show what IS the best weapon for damage and killing the cryptids.

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AngryBus97 wrote:

If he were to shoot at animated cryptids the test would be unfair though. At least this is controlled. Still, if one weapon does more damage than the other, you can safely bet it is better even if cryptids are damaging you.

Of course, a Bulldog and a K7 are terrible at say, shooting a cryptid 100ft away, but that was not the point of the testing, it was to show what IS the best weapon for damage and killing the cryptids.


Pretty much, the DPS values show which weapons hit the hardest.  Period.  You will never ever ever out-damage any of those top 6 weapons with a Remington/Maverick/Ameli unless you are somehow only shooting targets that are very far away.  Roughly 90% of all Extinction is Short-Range combat so range is only an issue when fighting Scorpions. Seeders, and Gargoyles but that mostly only applies to the Bulldog.  In my experience, the K7 seems to have the same long range damage as the Chain Saw, which is noticeable but still solid.  You actually have me curious now so Ill try and do a Long Range test on the heavy hitters as they tend to have range drops for balance.

I'll also try to test the Arc-Damage as I am curious about how that works as well.  Is it a fraction of your initial hit? A flat damage?  Does it actually cause Damage? (Videos suggest that it does, but I like to check all the variables) Does the Damage increase with each level?  I believe its confirmed that the Arc Range increases with Ammo Level.

I've noticed that with CSA, I've accidentally cleared whole groups of Cryptids while spamming shots on only one or two targets with the Bulldog.  They died very quickly so I don't think they faded away with the Incendiary portion.  This MIGHT hint that something in CSA deals AoE Damage proportional to bullet damage.  It's either gonna be the Explosive Portion or the Arcing Portion.  Gonna have to try to test things out to be sure. 

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Just did a quick test vs Two Hunters on Point of Contact. 

Used MR-28 since it's a really high damage weapon that you can get very early that doesn't use pellet shots so there's no risk of shooting one thing and spraying onto another. 

Used a Holographic sight as I trust the range finder feature. 

Brought Stun Ammo to +4 right away. 

Did not use Stun Ammo til it was +4

All Scouts died in 1-hit, initial hit AND all nearby scouts in the Arc range except when I accidentally hit a head-plate which left the target Scout alive as well as the others near by. 

Finally reached the first wave of the 2nd area and killed the 2 hunters in the same fashion.  The Target hunter died in 3 hits, as expected and the Arc effect left the 2nd Hunter weak enough to be killed in one more additional shot. 

That definitely confirms that Arcing Stun Ammo deals a fraction of your initial striking damage and it applies to Critical Hits (Head Shots) and Resisted Hits (Armor Plating) too.  The question now is does your Ammo level effect the Damage of the Arc as well as the Range?  My guess is that it probably does.  But I need to do more testing when I get back from class.

Side Note:  If you put a Holographic Sight on the K7, you'll find that its range is actually pretty long.  It maintains it's 100% Damage all the way out to what looks like 90ft.  I'm actually going to have to look around to find an area where you hit minimal range with that thing on Exodus so the K7's Range weaknesses are probably impractical to consider.

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in reply to N0cturn41Vu1tur

Alright! I'm almost certain that Arc-Damage is 70% of your Bullet damage. 

Tests so far:

Did the test with the Magnum which kills in 5 hits, giving it a flat 100 Damage p/shot.

5 Arcs on the 2nd Hunter left it with enough health to shoot it twice to kill it.

500 - 200 = 300

300 / 5 = 60 per Arc

That shows 60% Minimum

MR-28 with it's Damage of 167 kills in 3 hits close range but leaves just enough health on a nearby hunter for one more hit til death. 


500 - 167 = 333

333 / 3 = 111 per Arc Minimum

That means the minimum damage is 66.4% of the hit that started it.

Given that, I suspect the Damage is 70% because I would like to think programmers tend to like Clean Numbers so I'm inclined to think it's a flat 70%.  I'll need to do further testing to be sure.

Next, I will try the Bizon.  It being 16-hit should give me enough of a sample size to nail it down..

This test is a little annoying because the hunters don't like gathering close enough -_-;  So far, the only method is to let one hop on the drill and flare the other and hope one of the scouts don't stand in between me and it to scew the results lol.

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Alright, finally got it done.

16 Shocks from Bizon left the Hunter with enough Health to be shot 5 times before death.

Bizon Damage is 31.25

Suspected Shock Damage is 70% of Starting Damage so 21.875

21.875 x 16 = 350 leaving 150 HP left on the Hunter

150 HP is enough for 4.8 hits from Bizon fitting almost perfectly with the theory.

Gonna call this confirmed

Arcing Stun Ammo deals 70% of your Bullet Damage

Arc-Damage is NOT effected by Ammo Level.  However, it seems Range and Visual effect is.

    **Starts off as a Gentle White shock with roughly a 4ft shock range then grows to a solid Blue with roughly 8ft shock range when maxed

Arcing Stun Ammo is NOT good for Shotgun.

    **With Arcing Stun ammo alone, your shotgun is put into Pellet Mode.  While in Pellet mode, your shots are fragmented to 31.25 Damage per Pellet and there is only one Arc per shot.  So this Ammo is terrible with Shotguns.  WONDERFUL with CSA because of the Slug but if using only Arcing Stun, don't touch shotgun.

Arcing Stun Ammo is built for high damage weapons.

    **In my opinion, this ammo almost seems like it was built to support the heavy sniper rifles and replace/poop on explosive ammo.  Transferring 70% of your shot into an Area of Effect (AoE) would be a very powerful incentive for any Sniping Fan.  At 250 Damage per shot, they'd dump 175 all around, really racking up free damage for minimal effort/bullet cost.  During solo play, it was quite fun to watch a whole set of 10 scouts all fall over with one bullet from the MR-28.  Of course, this helps any standard weapons as well, but its important to know your weapon.  The stronger your gun, the better this ammo does.

     **Depending on your play style, this is probably the most effective Non-CSA ammo you can have for clearing normal Cryptids; Its like a really beefed up Explosive Ammo that doesn't actually explode so it has usefulness for hardcore play as well. 

Hope you guys find this information useful

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Thanks for all the testing man! Got around 300 teeth and still not sure what i should do with it. You just made my choice even harder

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