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Thanks for all the testing man! Got around 300 teeth and still not sure what i should do with it. You just made my choice even harder

Oh I know what you're going through lol.  I chose CSA first, and I absolutely loved it.  I also have Double Class and It absolutely destroys.  Its really hard to decide which is better cuz CSA gives you pretty much Omni-Breaker.  Nothing hard to hurt when you have CSA, and it transforms the Bulldog into.. well.. the Bullgod? lol.  But then I got double class and I honestly cant decide which is more powerful cuz I permanently sub Weapon Specialist and thus, always have +50% Bullet Damage and quick reload, so its super-soldier time. 

All Ammo's?  Or Permanently having Weapon Specialist in my back pocket while rocking Engineer or Medic whenever the mood suits (Usually Medic cuz Scorpion gas is annoying).  If I had to do it again, I think I would probably get Double Class first. Having both is just amazing though lol

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Hi guys, with AW coming around the corner, this should be my last post on extinction testing.  In this, I have some new information and I compiled a full list of weapons except pistols/melee.

New Information:

Portable Machine Gun is the strongest Automatic Weapon in the game.

Solo, Hunter

RPM once upgraded is almost exactly the same as AK12 so I use AK12's 689 RPM for DPS calculation

PMG Lv2 8-hit kill mDPS = 717.5 *range becomes infinite*

PMG Lv3 6-hit kill mDPS = 956.74 *Armor Piercing Rounds*

PMG Max 5-hit kill mDPS = 1148 *Armor Piercing + Explosive Rounds and its much harder to overheat*

An ARX with Weapon Spec. + Ark + Damage Upgrade (+75%) is the closest thing to matching this at 1136 DPS but Equalizers completely ignore job class and relics so if you don't have the luxury of Double Class to let you keep Weapon Spec at all times, this is easily your best bet overall.  A naked bulldog is stronger but there are range problems so if you are decent at operating and moving turrets, this is the best all-range thing you'll ever find.  Very strongly recommend using this and getting it max asap, you will not be disappointed.

Now for the List of base Damages:

  1. ARX-160 ~ 649.17 Base
  2. K7 ~ 621.72
  3. ChainSAW ~ 595.05
  4. SA-805 ~ 582.8
  5. Ripper ~ 575.81 (Low Damage but super fast)
  6. IA-2 ~ 567.7
  7. CBJ ~ 555.78 (Low Damage but super fast)
  8. MR-28 ~ 555.01 (had to use a Tachometer App.  The RPM is 200)
  9. Vector CRB ~ 527.13
  10. Vepr ~ 517.23
  11. MK14 ~ 500
  12. BIzon ~ 488.125
  13. MTAR X ~ 482.22
  14. LSAT ~ 476.15
  15. M27 ~ 419.71
  16. SVU ~ 416.25
  17. AK12 ~ 410.1
  18. Maverick ~ 388.27
  19. Remington R5 ~ 375.77
  20. Ameli ~ 375.77
  21. USR ~ 212.5 (Very high damage but its low fire rate cripples it.  That, and the Sniper Dead-eye DOES NOT add damage it only gives you the money return of critical hits, which is kinda good but mostly sucks :/)
  22. L115 ~ 166.67 (Same issue as USR)
  23. *** SC2010 has the same RPM as it does in Multiplayer but reaching that RPM will not be possible without a modded controller.  Potential DPS for SC2010 is 568.25 base.
  24. VKS ~ roughly 416.25.  It's potential is 625 but it kicks so much that its very hard to control at that speed.

Have not tested the Death Machine as I have never had any good experiences with it.

Have not listed the other Shotguns as they are so far behind the Bulldog, I honestly do not feel them to be worthy of mention.

If anyone has anything they'd like to see tested, let me know

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