Extinction on PS4

Ghosts Extinction


Played last night around 530cst and there were about 300 on PoC, and less than 100 in each of the other maps. (awakening had 10 or so)

these days I just jump into a lobby and go at it, but for some reason last night i was lobby surfing and found a decent bunch -  2 other maxes and one 19 prestige. Sweet little game, kinda like it was 5 months ago.

I say all of this to say I started on AW MP and played like 9 games. I just got straight tired of it. Some games i would do well. 2.0 k/d and others .80 k/d. One loadout works on one map and then it doesn't work the next time on the same map, same lobby, I can't find any consistency. At least with BO2 or ghosts I could pretty much run around with an mp7/msmc or a k7/honey badger all the time on nearly every map...same loadout. I don't know, I'm almost at my first prestige and likely won't prestige for the simple fact that I need to learn a bit more.

my point being is that i logged off AW to play Extinction. i guess I coulda said that in one sentence. lmao. I'll go rant in the AW forum now.

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