Favorite weapon type?

Ghosts Extinction

I've always used either light machine guns or assault rifles and I was wondering what do you guys like to use and why?

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My overall favorite weapon in Extinction is the 44 magnum with 2 skill points into it. POC weapon of choice is the 2010 with a burst fire and acog scope. NF weapon is the Maverick with an acog scope and grip

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I am attached to the MR-28. It's in the first area in POC but they moved it to the 3rd area of NF when they saw how OP it is in Extinction.

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Recently, I've been trying out the MR-28 and VKS on nightfall since I've been hearing good things about them. Turns out they're pretty good and a lot of fun to use.

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I tend to use smg's and pistols the most

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Maverick on Nightfall, up until we get to the room with the Chainsaw, then it's that.

I would lov the ARX if it had a larger magazine. You seem to burn through bullets so fast on that gun

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I am more particular to certain weapons than weapon types, but, in general, I prefer SMGs. I mostly use the weapon specialist class, and usually use the Vector (POC and NF) as my primary. I use smaller weapons for the mobility, and also because the quick reloads tend to keep me out of trouble.

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I usually use guns that fit a challenge requirements and stick with those but I use the AK-12 on POC and the Maverick on NF until I reach the SAW which is just a beast with rapid fire

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if i find locker keys i use the weapon in the locker if its good or i buy the LSAT then I buy chain saw in the next locker room.

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MP-443 Grach Akimbo style

Anyone that has played with the pistols only relic knows that killing power is never lacking once you go akimbo with these beauties. Only problem is your insatiable appetite for ammo, ammo, and more ammo. I always go akimbo when I am the ammo guy on the squad and no one ever complains about not having ammo at any point after I make the investment in skill points.

This also allows me to carry 2 weapons on my road to akimbo and I could care less what challenge comes up because I have an extra slot for a weapon I have modified to my liking and another for my "weapon challenge slot."

Other than my pistols, I prefer the vector for its fast reload, mobility, killing power and accurate hip firing capability.

One weapon that I know no one ever tries that is also a beast is the CBJ-MS sub machine gun on POC. If you are lucky enough to get it with rapid fire... you are in for some fun... just have loads of ammo ready. Unfortunately, they left it out of Nightfall. Hoping it is available on Mayday.

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