Ghosts Extinction

AW was released... yawn. I want more Extinction! Extinction was the only reason why I ever played Ghosts and after an hour of playing AW, I went back to playing Extinction.  Hurry up with Ghosts 2 or release new DLC


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I agree.

I want more extinction.

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AW < Extinction

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Haven't bought AW and probably won't. Would love more extinction, but sadly I don't think there will be any more until ghosts 2 is released. Giving extinction a rest for a while, moved on to destiny for a change

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It would be nice but I don't think we're getting any more Extinction content. They want to sell $60 copies of AW and make you buy the season pass not pay ~$15 for another DLC for last year's game. Sucks we have to wait so long but I look forward to the next chapter. This game mode was much more popular than Zombies or the MW3 wave survival crap and the AW exo survival mode looks like garbage as well.

I have faith that they won't abandon something so good. *fingers crossed* In the meantime people are still playing Extinction, I was worried the lobbies would be empty but I can still get a decent game in most of the time.

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