I Called Out a Glitcher

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Ok so, on Exodus I saw some guy who had 427 (if memory serves) missions completed use the multiple sentry glitch and I called him out on it. I sent him a message saying "I saw what you did there. You dirty glitcher." His response, which even now I don't understand (obviously I do, but it makes no sense in the context from me sending the above) was "aww dont be mad ur shit".

So, I obviously sent a message back, this time saying something along the lines of "and that works how.... I'm shit because YOU have to cheat and use exploits in the game. Surely that makes YOU shit does it not?"

And surprise surprise, he dashboarded, ending the game for everyone hahaha.

Can't remember the last message word for word but the above is close enough, sorry. I wish Xbox had a sent items where you could see messages you have sent.

It seems like Exodus has the worst of people on, and I dunno why. Every now and then you do find the occasional awesome random lobby, or ones that are just "fine", but for me the majority are things where people are using all sorts of exploits, bitching, stealing, not doing stuff, failing challenges on purpose, and of course, not hold X to start or end the Medusa.

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Good for you man. It would seem he lashed out and quit when you called him out because he knew he was caught, and he knew you were right. Hope you reported and blocked him.

Reminds me of this thread you created: Too Many People Glitching Lately!!! ... presumably glitters with low escapes are doing so because they're lazy and looking for shortcuts to earn teeth (not an excuse, but an explanation). If, however, he's doing it just for fun or variety - and if he were any good - he'd know there are countless ways to change the game up without resorting to cheating. Same goes for the other losers and trolls.

I've mostly been avoiding random lobbies for a while and rarely venture into one without a wingman. It's hard to believe they could have gotten any worse than they already were, but sounds like they are. I guess that makes the rare good random game that much more satisfying...

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It must me a xbox thing lol, come over to the dark side (ps4), you will find much better lobbies. Can't stand glitchers myself, if I ever come across any I will quit straight away, Haven't come across the multiple sentry glitch, but there again I never search for glitches. To me they are a pointless way to complete missions, what's the point of having all those missions completed, if they obviously cheated to get them

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theres annoying people on ps3 also

just played with a guy that did the "hold pick up" button while i search because of my master scavenger. turned out he crafted some NX 1 gernades and i searched some semtex. so boom i got me some NX 1s ! haha

he also kept throwing his team supports off the map so no one could pick them up.

he had armour, so did i, so it didnt play a big role in the game. just annoying.

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they have them on PS3 brotha. Every PoC lobby I'm in, they wanna do the feral glitch. But here's the great part

guy: you wanna do the easter egg

me: sure, go ahead

guy: he proceeds to get the LOL and was like, quick throw down feral!

me: no

guy: i thought you wanted to the easter egg?

me: that isnt the easter egg bro

guy: yes it is, if they didn't want it in the game they wouldn't have made it that way

me: go on mute

guy: throw down feral

me: (silence)

guy: throw down feral!!! (screaming)

we end up with completionist and i don't throw down feral until we get the seeker challenge. (1st challenge, cabin area)

meanwhile, in the chopper...

me: see how easy it is, you don't need to glitch bro

guy: ya, you're right

me: (smiling as the nuke destroys the last few cryptids)

maybe I helped out some poor soul that day..he was running GT, so I'm surprised he didn't exploit that as well. maybe he thought I would report him? (I didn't and don't report ppl)

I'm taking a line from Stinky's book. kill em with kindness, mate.

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What is the multi sentry glitch on exodus??

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Little googling. Apparantly, if you place your turret on a certain spot, you can place a second one. So you can drop multiple GT (dunno bout sentries) at the same time

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it's worthless, some guy yesterday had 4 sentries and two GT's placed when we were doing the nuke...like really?!!? wtf you need all that fire power for in little ole PoC?

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Lmao wow really? I'm also guessing he had maybe 1, or 2 maximum relic(s) on?

2 sentry guns are plenty. I assume people do it so they don't have to upgrade their sentry to max though saving them 3 stupid skill points. The selfish get selfisher. =O

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