I'd like to thank everyone who helped me be slightly above average 360 player.

Ghosts Extinction

I'd like to say thanks to IW for making mp Ghosts suck so bad that I discovered Extinction.  Purpkush who was there when I first ran 1 relic.  BigJim who helped me beat Mayday only 4 days from release.  Imafullamyself who was there when my dog started barking during our 45 minute breeder fight.   Stolichnaya for making the vodka I drank.  Humilitynolandvoid who ran support when I cracked the top 1000 on Exodus.  If any of you guys read this, marvel at my mediocrity...the peasant is out.

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                                                                                                  *Standing ovation*


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A great post. Thanks for this, and yes:

*Standing ovation!!*

I, too, would like to thank everyone who helped me become mediocre at Extinction. For those who played, and still play with me, as I rack up stats that demonstrate a remarkable addiction to this game in a testament to quantity over quality.

Here's to all of us who are fair to middlin' at this game, and know it, and to those who are truly skilled and have the confidence and grace to not have to brag about it, and as importantly, play as good sports with the rest of us.

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Its Thanksgiving already? Couldve swore Halloween was just around the corner?! Lol

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Thank You, BEWARE0FD0G , for teaching me how to beat extinction for the first time before I even ever had a mic.

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