Keeping the faith... favourite change ups?

Ghosts Extinction

For those of us who still hooked...

What are your fun and/or challenging ways to vary different maps - that is, tactics, approaches or self-imposed challenges that change a given map up, without making a game overly long or frustrating (unless that's your thing)?

Some examples that come to mind, most or all of which will be familiar and have been discussed in other threads. Hoping for some new and different ones:

  • Combinations of relics? (e.g., the "crippled weapon specialist" strategy for running 7 relics)
  • Self-imposed challenges? (e.g., melee only, play an entire game without getting a single kill)
  • Unconventional loadouts? (e.g., go OG - use the original "level 1" loadout with no armoury upgrades)
  • Unconventional weapons/strike packages? (e.g., explosives only/run and gun with the kastet or panzerfaust)
  • Forcing enemies? (i.e., don't plant the drill at 2nd last hive in POC for a massive rhino party; don't enable the medusa in Exodus)
  • Different/efficient routes through a map? (e.g., for speed runs, to increase or decrease difficulty)
  • Tips for dealing with know-it-alls, glitters, and wannabes? (e.g., how to have fun letting them know who's boss, without stooping to their level?)

Best suggestion gets an all-expenses paid trip to scenic Caldera Peak, CO, including a two nights' stay in at rustic Gil's Lodge Motel.

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Play drunk. Really, really drunk.

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Play with one hand. Your bad hand

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