Kontrol Freeks

Ghosts Extinction

yea or nay?

I have them on one ps4 controller and I don't see much of an advantage or the ability to aim better.  I've had them installed for 4 months now...

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I have no idea what your talking about

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I have them and I am super happy I got them. I really do feel that extra bit of control and for Extinction when you are spinning around in all directions so much it is just that much better. They take a while to get used to but once I had used them for a while I will never turn back.

I play with an extended Kontrol Freek on my RAS for aiming, and a shorter one on my LAS.

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I liked them, but they kept falling off, so F it.

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I bought two types of Kontrol Freaks... the SMG and AR freaks and I can't really tell a difference. I have them on one 360 controller... not the other or one my Xbox One controller and can't tell a difference in my aim or k/d. In my opinion save the money and just fine tune the sensitivity in the game options since they basically do the same thing.

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I'm with ESR, it doesn't improve that much for the $$ you spend. If you get 'em free. great.

I'll pass.

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I Got sum for my brand new dual shock, just to keep the analogues in good condition. Also they help immensely in advanced warfare with the exo movements.

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i used mod sticks for my 360.  the stem of the control is smaller than stock allowing for more precise aiming and a faster rotation speed even without messing with sensitivity.

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