Looking for PS4 players, tired of solo runs...

Ghosts Extinction

I moved from PS3 to PS4 around 2 months ago, and I have no one to play with on a regular basis. I switch back to PS3 to play with my normal group but even they aren't on often enough to keep switching.

Anyone here that'd be willing to add me on PS4 so I can stop soloing in extinction, please do.

If it matters, I'm 20 and have a mic. I've been max prestige for a while, 200+ completions, most armory bought (working on CSA, then double class is it). Like I said, I play a lot of solo games so I'm a self-sufficient player, but also good with teamwork and always go for challenges.


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I still play a couple of games of extinction. You can add Wolfyg17 if you like. I will say that if you aren't in the U.S im not sure how good connection will be. I am willing to try though. Also I don't talk much.

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He is right, played with wolfyg17 the other day, he hardly said a word but was a great team player

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Add Herron777

I play a lot of Solo, but with a good team I am down. I have the Scav and Ark Pistols.

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you can add me - Ackrodisiac

most of my pals are off playing destiny so ive been struggling to find good players.

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I totally agree. I want Destiny, but I can't afford it at the moment, so I'm playing Infamous and Ghost most of my time. Most of my friends are off playing it too so I'm quite aloooone.

You could add me if you want, @Skrillex_4_lyfe.

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I only play extinction and you send me a request, I added you and to date you have never sent me a invite boo hoo LOL

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Didn't realise you was on ps4 lol, thought you was on ps3

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