Looking for PS4 players, tired of solo runs...

Ghosts Extinction

Add Skrillex_4_lyfe

Maybe we can drop some beats together.

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I will add you all tmrw when I get on, thanks for all the replies!

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Add me b0bjack413   (0 is zero btw)

I can't stand playing solo and am on regularly.

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will add you tonight!

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If you want to grind teeth, do relic runs, trophy runs then feel free to add me :

PSN: BH_17 / Platform: PS4 / Location: UK / All DLC Maps

I’m on a couple times a week (evenings and weekends). 

@Project_A – I think we played a game the other day on Exodus? Did you send me a FR?

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yes we did   and jup, you're already in my friend list

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me and my bf play all the time, add Nataliew28

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Brexican is an awesome player! I enjoy playing games with him.

Feel free to add me on ps4 as well - roblair3 - I've got a mic, over 400 completions, all the upgrades, so I just play to have fun and help others get teeth. I love playing with noobs as long as u have a mic.

Had some bad lobbies earlier tonight tho. Public games full of players that think they know everything (even tho they are completely wrong).

The one and ONLY thing that will make me rage quit is if I am double classing as Engineer/whatever and you touch my traps. anything else I am the most laid back person ever. but I only run as engineer in lobbies of 4 players. I prefer custom 2-3 player games. 

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So you will rage quit out a game if someone turns a trap on whilst your engineer? Smh

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