More fun wtf moments in extinction

Ghosts Extinction

My latest was I was playing with one other person I was running ws and they ran medic . We were doing great until kill 20 from inside the circle challenge popped up and they placed an upgraded ims (fire pool) in the middle of the circle. Epic fail.  that and the first time an ancient makes you float is pretty cool too.

what are some of your recent fun wtf moments.

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When you call out that you can hypno a rhino they all say," ok, ok "

I find no hypnos (happens quite often) and then at the first barrier hive you see 2 blue scorpions. I go silent after that.

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you didn't know you earn 10 teeth per hypno'd scorpion?

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At least they hit the knives. When I get noobs who steal the knives I usually see them desperately trying to hit a scout or scorpion and the knife ends up on a roof or 30 ft off the map. xD

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When a guy found a second hypno knife and yelled , I'll use it now and pick it up later ( saw him knife the very first rhino after the first hive!) after that i took the knife and he was screaming!

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Some of my favourites. These never get old...

1. Just stab already... and it's pronounced "melee"...

  • First Noob: "Okay, it the MILLIE challenge. No one shoot!"
  • Second Noob: "What do you mean, MILLIE?"
  • First Noob: "It must be named after a girl who stabbed people or whatever. Just stab the aliens with your knife, but don't shoot your gun!!"

2. It is it a HYPNO knife... or a needle?

  • "Wait, I found a HYPO knife! What should I do with it?"
  • "Okay let me know if you find any knives, I can HYPO a Rhino!"

3. It's all about the "reticle"... and being the man with the golden gun...

  • First Noob: "Wait, don't drop the drill. I found another sight and I want to switch out my RECTAL."
  • Second Noob: "Okay. Let me know when you're done, this guy we're playing with* says that if you make your gun gold it does 50% more damage."

* (You wouldn't believe how lobbies I come across where higher prestige players still believe this, courtesy of someone on my friends who started this myth, just to see how far it'd travel...)

4. The dreaded "Leper" challenge...

  • First Noob: "Okay, no one shoot if we get the challenge where you have to kill the LEAPER."
  • Second Noob: "What's a LEAPER?"
  • First Noob: "He's the big hunter that hops around a lot, you have to kill him when he's jumping to win the challenge."

5. On feral...

  • First Noob: "What's that dog thing on this box? Should I pick it up?"
  • Second Noob: "It's not a dog, it's a CAT! It's called FERALS and it helps you see like a cat to kill all those aliens."
  • First Noob: "Oh, right... wait, no way, I hate this stuff! It freaks me out because I can see how many aliens there really are!"

6.  It's a WHAT?!!!

  • First Noob: "Look out! It's a RHINO!!!"
  • Second Noob: "What should I do?!!!"
  • First Noob: "Don't shoot him, you'll just piss him off! RUN!!!!"

7. Those Gargoyles must really get around...

  • "Look out! It's one of those flying GIGOLO things!"

8. Then there's that new "Disrupter" gun on Exodus:

  • "Has everyone built their DISTRIBUTER yet?"
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I'm still laughing about 4-5

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Idk why it makes me so mad when ppl mispronounce melee lol

"Get the leaper! Get the leaper!"

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I Love number six  

I used a bulldog to launch a rhino across the map for a laugh and it lands straight on top of the guy we was doing a relic run for, completely ruined the run but I laughed so hard

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I was playing with a group of random South London lads & I busted out the akimbo Ark powered Grachs..

"Oh my daaaaays fam, where 'ja pick those up from bruv?"

"From the armory, costs 125 teeth."

"Armory? *kisses teeth* what's that den?"

"You access it from your loadout screen, how many do you have?"

"*Kisses teeth again* One."

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