More fun wtf moments in extinction

Ghosts Extinction

Exodus, 2 days ago.

Got in a lobby with 3 max prestige, all w/ around 70ish escapes, 2 w/ MS.

1 guy finds 3 arks, he offers me one but I tell them to take them (I'm really over the ark, just give me extended mags please).

He puts it on his bulldog and proclaims "you guys don't have to worry about any rhino's, mammoth's, or ancestors, I'll take care of them".  So I ask, "Does that mean we're not allowed to shoot at them?"..." can if you feel like it, but it won't be necesary".  I decide to let it go.  For the rest of the match, every time a rhino or mammoth spawned..."Rhino-  I'm on it!!!"...I would blast it anyways, then get to hear "Rhino's dead...I got him"...or "Ancestors down...I got him" get the idea.  By the last generator on top of the gas station I'd had enough of I started calling out everything I killed "Hunter down..I got him"..."scorpion down ...I got him".."seeker down...I got him" He finally got my sarcasm and gets just pissed.  "WTF dude, why you being an ass, you're all lucky I have a ark on my bulldog so I can carry us"..I laugh it off but the other 2 players have been buying his Superman BS and back him up..."yah...shut up slider..don't be an ass"...I unplug mic and just want my teeth.

Game ends.  We did get completionist.  I have 500+ kills, no downs, 7 revives.  Superman has 200ish kills, 5 downs, 0 revives.

Back in the "Hey, thanks for carrying me, thank god you were here" response...Me:"Later suitcases"

On to next random lobby please.

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Lol.. You seriously need to write a book of your experiences whilst playing Extinction! It really has p*ssed me off in the past to encounter randoms who think they downed two Rhinos on their own for example. No my friend, me going apesh*t with the weapon spec upgrade helped considerably I think you'll find. I just let them crack on. As you said, the stats at the end of the game speak for themselves.

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Funny you should mention that... I had someone using duel wield / akimbo pistols (grach, obviously) with arks on, who were killing all the rhinos that we had - and did it all on their own. I didn't help at all using my tank + weapon spec + mortar strikes. Nope, I didn't help what so ever.. haha Like you though, I didn't argue it, there's just some things that are - even for me - pointless in arguing.

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The 300+ escape noob, I have not had that one yet....nothing worse than not escaping on poc.

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ouch man, sorry!  and they just HAD TO LAUGH, huh?!?

yea, will try to get some games in w/ you soon as well.

Just had an epic fail POC run with two novices myself, majorly embarrassing with both DC and freq boost, smh!!

I too was running feral, revived the one guy at the final meteor, threw feral, said "just run straight down the road!",

not sure why that was so hard, but I'm throwing up engineer shields and medic rings to try to protect him.  we both go down from 4 rhinos and the match ends.  Oh well, at least the one guy got their 1st escape (thanks for ditching us if you're reading this - lol)

Definitely will run my own armor in pub lobbies from now on!

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i've just been throwing on 8 relics in PoC and jumping in any lobby, so far not too bad. 6 out of 6 so far. 1 down was worst game and it happened bc I ran back to pick up someone and the feral ran out.

I run csa and armor regardless of what anyone else is running, it seems to work. cash flow is the problem I've run into with ws and medic. I could go engineer, but depending on how challenges go, I may not get to upgrade fully until sometime in 2nd area. I guess it could be earlier, but i max out armor, +3 csa and +2 pistol always and first off.

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some random me and brett encountered was claiming his friend escaped hardcore solo with 10 relics... now having really experienced solo players on my friends list... and mato being able to do it on casual buh not regular... we all can assume its litterally impossible to escape and its damn right BS... this kid ligitamately thought his friend had done. but cmon, we all knew he didnt... maybe attempted buh not escaped

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Hahahaha yeah, this was funny. Maybe his friend told him, and BS'd him, so this guy who we ran into genuinely did believe it... but yeah, no. Didn't happen in my opinion.

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