My Farewell to Extinction

Ghosts Extinction

I thought it would be fitting to have a goodbye challenge so I went right through the whole Extinction story solo... POC, Nightfall, Mayday, Awakening, Exodus and watched all the intel as well. I got completionist on the first 4 maps but messed up on the don't take seeker challenge in the garage on exodus (ancestor had me in the air when I got hit) but did complete all other challenges including zero downs on all maps. Took a while to complete it since I went back to back to back on all the maps but it was a fitting way to say good bye to this game that gave a lot of us a ton of enjoyement.

Now... if someone else is looking at doing this co-op I could be swayed to give it another try ... only because I did it on solo and not co-op.

I'm bummed I failed one challenge but happy with zero downs and how the whole run turned out. It was a lot of fun.

Anyone else try this or am I the only nerd on here who had 4 hours to kill?

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this sounds like a blast! i just sat down and watched all the intel the other day as well just to do it and see if I missed anything. Great story! great game mode and have had the pleasure of meeting some really great people and players along the way. I would be game for this anytime I have a day off, keep me posted and if you need a teammate hmu on xbox GT- OFC Pugnax thanks

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No way I'm saying farewell, I have a feeling, until they come out with a new better extinction (which almost always the original is the best so might never happen), I'll be playing this every now and then forever.  This is a game I will probably never sell or remove from hard drive.  I see myself, down the road, having an hour or so to kill, firing up extinction and playing a map. 

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