Ghosts Extinction


im new to this, however i have been reading the forums for a bit

sorry if theses tricks are already known, but just wanted to toss these out and see if theres any you guys may know

i cant take credit for these, as i have seen them on youtube.. but anyway,  here goes

carry a Sentry and a Portal turret at the same time by placing them in the same spot and then hitting the carry button once, then holding it the second time

crafting your own reserve of items.

so this one is good for solo, and especially exodus in the final area.

so you need to find a hypno knife, flare, or trophy. then you can craft sticky flares while holding one of these, and it will drop what you had in that slot where you craft the sticky flares

same goes for the lethals, get some betties or semtex and craft some venom gernades and it will drop the original lethal where you craft them.

so essentially you can use all the red crafting boxes and leave yourself some sticky flares or venom gernades to pick up whenever you run out.

i dunno if this is considered a dirty move, however its good for high relic runs, and mostly for solo play.

just a couple that come to mind

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Thanks for your post, its nice to see new people on this forum

Unfortunately, the 2 points you have raised are quite old and known to most players

But keep posting and enjoy extinction

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I rated 5 stars...I don't care if I already knew this...any new poster gets 5 stars from me!

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Like what you done there, well done

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welcome to the gang

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