Playlists seem healthy...

Ghosts Extinction

i just went on for a game for the first time since tuesday i guess, and there were still 3100 people playing on ps3 according to the game, and about 42000 total online

how is it on the other consoles?

i did a solo run as i just found noobs in a couple of lobbies.

nice to see it still going anyway. so close to double class!

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numbers aren't bad on the 360, but for the One - THEY ARE HORRIBLE.  Not a single person was playing Nightfall or Mayday the other morning.

I need to get some achievements on Awakening still, and the only person I could find there was one of those "steal the gun from your locker" kinda guys.  Rage quit to find two new players, but one of those went down from a rhino as the other guy decided it was a good time to plant the drill.  lol

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Since I no longer have anything to work for, having extra teeth that I can't spend; I am no longer on each and every day but this is still my only game.  PS3 has maintained decent lobbies with a fresh supply of new players.

Very few glitchers; I encountered the disruptor/MAAWS glitch only once and the player was cool with removing the MAAWS to continue playing with me after I explained that I personally found it to make the game quite boring (too easy)

I enjoy playing with the new players but I find that we need to handle them differently.  These late comers are not the serious players that we were accustomed to, they think that they're good and have weird ideas on how the game is supposed to be played, they make what I consider dumb moves thinking that they figured out how to beat the game but I take it in stride and play along since I no longer care about earning teeth.  Just let them continue thinking they're great players even though they fail challenges but in their mind it's not their fault, its just how the game goes.

Instead of teeth, I know often play to see how many revives I can get; my best so far is 21 revives in one game.

I often abandon challenges in order to protect the drill, I found that certain challenges will mean losing the drill if I leave it unattended.

It may seem odd but in a way I might actually have more fun playing with these guys because I play only to play, having fun without a care about stats or teeth.

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tried to play today.. playlists on 360 were

POC - 300

Nem - 25

May - 9

Awake - 2

exodus - 88

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