Ps4 Extinction Girl

Ghosts Extinction

25 year old girl, need people with mics to play extinction with on ps4, I can't find a game and when I do its noobs without mics who fail challenges. I have all the maps, mainly play exodus though

Add me: vickim13

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Not sure why it matters that you're a female though... ? Just curious.

Being a female gamer in this day and age deserves no recognition, since there are so many, and awesome ones.

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Thought I'd state age and gender so people at least have a vague idea of the kind of person they're adding.  ☺ Also tbh I thought if I added that I was a girl more people might add me.  I'm finding it next to impossible to find a game, sick of solo runs.

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As old as this thread is, it's still a really good one to view, you can message people on your platform and even add your name to the list, you might find the players you want here

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