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Have watched his vid at least 10X and learned a LOT from it.  Here is link in case you need it.  [Full Gameplay] Point of Contact Solo World Record 744K 9 Relics - YouTube  I'm getting pretty good at getting to set the nuke with no downs, just the run back is brutal.  Sometimes don't even make it past the 1st barrier.  Even he barely makes run back with 3 downs.  Also check out this guy, he uses the PT and is a beast with it.  I think he misses a total of like 10 bullets with the PT the whole game lol.  He doesn't use glitch and has only one down.  I have tried PT, but need lot's more practice to be able to make it to final hive with 0 downs with it.  Extinction Point of Contact 9 relics solo, 1 Down, 703.504 Score - YouTube  This is the single greatest solo Extinction game I've seen so far.

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i was ranked #1 for exodus solo but now at #3 I can get the spot back but it's time and persistence. Now romain is a good player but peruviann tank is a beast . 9 relics solo awaekning with a pistol. It's do able but with time and persistence. Solo comes down to time & persistence for a #1 spot on LEaderboards. Especially mayday solo 9 relics regular. It's a b**** of a game. U gotta get the right challenges in order to get a completionist . Missing 1 challenge will cause u the #1 spot. Assuming you got dam near perfect 56's 3re area. 1st and 2nd area are easy. 3rd area challenges is what messes up a score game. Once u escape with 9 relics on poc , go for a high score. It's a different game and hands down fun. But frustrating at times lol.

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