Solo 16 revives 1 down? O.o

Ghosts Extinction

Before this happened i was doing solo knife only exodus(i know solo is easy but it was something different for me to try), started to get swarmed by hunters, scorpions and a couple of phantoms - as my health dropped i activated medic upgrade to try and avoid going down.

This was the result (sorry for low resolution photo - no capture card)

Gyazo - 191c615005ce10568f8840ce74734719.jpg

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If you get downed on the point of just activating your medic upgrade it will revive you. It is a glitch to revive yourself in the first place but it always states it has revived you numerous times for no apparent reason.

It is just a bug and nothing harmful.

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Yeah it happened to me on awakening and it doubled my total amount of revieves lol i.e i dont revive ppl

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had the same thing when I ran 7 relics exodus solo lol. Gargoyle took me down as soon as I pressed medic and got 10 revives At the end of the game.. It was cool hearing your player say klifford revived you, haha .

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