Ghosts Extinction

"Stun Ammo: This ammo will randomly immobilize the hit alien for a certain period of time."

Why is this ammo soooo bad? In theory it should be pretty useful. Does anyone else think that a future update should include an improvement in the "stunning effect" of this ammo so that it can compete with the other ammunition choices?

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I agree, this ammo is pretty bad. It has to be the least used type by far. If they increased the stun duration in the next update I would be more willing to use it.

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Same here. At the moment, it's only useful against scouts. And that doesn't even seem to be ever so consistent.

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I think not because the developers want to leave the other stronger and more lasting.

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Does anyone know if the devs made the stun ammo more "sparkly" when you shoot cryps with it? Had some games last night where our dedicated ammo guy was running stun ammo and whenever I shot it seemed like the graphics for it were improved? Or is this my imagination and its always been like this?

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Alright, I used the stun ammo for an entire game last night to test it out again. It wasn't great. The short stun duration made it slightly more effective than regular ammo. In terms of cost ($1000) it's the cheapest option, which is great for people who supply the ammo but feel they are always broke On a side note, yes Pugna it did look a little more sparkly

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