Tank, LMG, AR, armour = Best Combo

Ghosts Extinction

Tank, LMG, AR, armour = Best Combo

I have played enough now to tell you for a fact the best class is

Tank, Armour shields, Buy an assault rifle from the town bit, and the LMG from town. Try to get the thermal scope on the LMG and get long range kills with it where they spawn and you can just shoot them in a row like zombies. And elevated positions own also.

Honestly with this class I escape 90% of the time or at least get a minimum of 300 kills. Normally get 400+ kills in coop and 600+ in solo.

I don't use sentry guns much, I just max out tank with xp, the handgun, and ammo. Any other points I use on the riot shield and armour.

Traps are always good, and try spend as much as you can. I think you get more points the more you spend, give away money also with L2 and X held down.

And for hives I don't tend to stand right near the hive with everyone else, separate yourself a bit and go stand on a roof somewhere or something with a good view, and if your health gets low then run back to the rest of the team. The more you hang round the drill the more chance you have of going down I find.

Well everyone has their own opinions but this setup owns for me, the only problems is reload times on the guns. But you can switch armour for gun handling or hope your team have it.

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Re: Tank, LMG, AR, armour = Best Combo

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I think I used this setup for a few games and it was pretty effective. Medic and engineer are good too, especially with team boosters or feral instincts.

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Re: Tank, LMG, AR, armour = Best Combo

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Tank is probably the least popular class among seasoned players but in all honesty,  it's my favorite class to run solo. I've been digging poc hardcore solo for the last few days and had really good games with it. Scouts being a 1 knife kill after only one skill point is a big ammo saver.

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Re: Tank, LMG, AR, armour = Best Combo

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i cant use an lmg unless someone is constantly throwing hand boosters but i do love lmg when i run specialist

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Re: Tank, LMG, AR, armour = Best Combo

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That is a strong class for sure. It really depends on your style of play. Solo mode its great class for obvious reasons. When playing within a team; I originally thought the tank class was more of a selfish class because it really only benefits the player that has it equipped, but since playing hardcore pretty regularly I find that a tank with a riot shield is almost a necessity. A good Tanker will always be the "Rhino Wrestler" of the group. When you pull out your shield on the final escape or breeder battle and charge in front of the rhinos it is appreciated beyond words LOL. Even diverting their attention for a few seconds allows other players plenty of time to reset the mini-turrets in that direction and down they go.

In hardcore I usually put my first group of points into ammo and a mini-turret. On barrier hives I drop the mini-turret for the Tank class because he can stand and fire it for longer with his added health and shielded back. This gives me the benefit of a fast dying barrier and also the freedom to run around and rack up money for the teams ammo source.

If more players would play this role in hardcore... we would see a lot more escapes.

Also see my thread on "My strategy for being a strong team player... the "AMMO GUY" there have been some great nuggets of knowledge dropped there as well. Please add your input where you think it would be helpful.

Thanks for this post G-


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