Teeth breakdown (again)

Ghosts Extinction

There still seems to be a lot of confusion as to where/ how you earn teeth during a game. Could someone that's as close to 100% sure please post this info again? I pawed through the threads and knew at one time there were numerous threads covering this topic but I can't find the one with the new numbers after the last upgrade. Thanks in advance folks

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1 per relic, 4 for completionist or 2 for 10 challenges passed, 1 per every 300 aliens killed, 1 daily from bonus pool, 4 teeth for a platinum mission complete, 3 for gold, 2 for silver, and 1 for bronze, and 1 tooth for prestiging

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You dont get teeth for a platinum/gold/silver/bronze escape, you get 3 for escaping no matter what medal you get.

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I also think it is 1 tooth per relic up to a max of 6

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Thanks for post!!


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Use the search box and type in teeth breakdown, there a few threads there giving you the information you require

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