Weapon Progression in Game?

Ghosts Extinction

Weapon Progression in Game?

Only just started playing Extinction and my team's limit seem to be the barrier hive at the end of the city. We should be able to progress as we rank up and unlock things like the sentry gun.

However, I think we would benefit from having an understanding of when to pick up a new gun in a new zone. At the moment, we pretty much melee and pistol the first 2 hives then pick up the Vepr. We then search for attachments and pretty much stick with this gun until we end up dying.

My question is - do you guys have a 'strategy' for when to pick up a new gun or do you pick up one of the early ones and use it for the duration?

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Re: Weapon Progression in Game?

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Oh man, I just wrote a big(gish) reply for this, for you. Then my Google Chrome "stopped responding" and the post hasn't saved like it usually does

Here's the jist of it:

- Area 1: don't buy any guns because you'll most likely get at least one gun challenge.

- After you have done the first 4 hives, go buy an AK and use that for the second area.

- Try upgrading your pistols to +3 (spending a total of 4 skill points) so you can carry two primary weapons.

- In the second area you could get gun challenges too, so this way you can switch the less preferred weapon, for the gun challenge.

- In this second area, the gun I would suggest is the LMG (M something).

- In the third area, there's actually 2 or 3 guns I would recommend: Honey Badger, Chainsaw, or MTar.

For the 2 LMG's, make sure someone on your team has Team Booster as their team supplies, because you will need it. Otherwise you will get downed trying to reload - unless you're a weapon specialist and have that upgraded to +3 (giving you faster reload).

I personally love the AK, so will always try have that. Some times I will even run back to the first area to get it if I didn't upgrade to carry two weapons, and I now have a shotgun, for example. Some times I will stick with the shotgun and get past the second barrier, into the cabin area, and I will go straight to the honey badger.

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Re: Weapon Progression in Game?

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This thread has a lot of strategy tips for loadouts and upgrading progression. Please try some of the templates and let us know what worked best for you.

My strategy for being a strong team player... the "AMMO GUY"

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Re: Weapon Progression in Game?

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Well, first I pick up the vector crb then i rank up my pistol to level 3 and I pick up the M27-IAR LMG,and i dont pick up any other any weapons.thats a good strategy.

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Re: Weapon Progression in Game?

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An easy way to accomplish this perdiciment of not knowing which gun to buy is easy. If you choose or feel you need something other than a pistol before beating the 1st barrier hive this is a way my friends and I manage. Each person on the team should by a diffrent primary not in the same class. So for instance 1 player SMG, 1 AR, and then one player with a level 3 pistol to buy a Sniper or Shotgun (these 2 tend to be unwanted by most) then they can buy an LMG after the hive is finished. You are then covered for every type of gun challenge because the player with two primarys will be more than happy usually to trade the gun they don't like for the one required by the challenge. As far as beating the challenge with only one player having that gun type is easy. The players without the gun stay at the drill to guard while the Engineer and player with required gun go and kill them as they spawn. You take the Engineer with you because the aliens come after him more, so more aliens come your way and kills are easily obtained. If no one is running the Engineer class still have another player go with the person so he can run around and take some of the attention off the gun carrier/ help kill aliens if things get out of hand. As far as best gun in the game; AR - AK, SMG - MTAR, LMG - M27. As far as 1st Hive gun choices SMG - Vepr (located by the barrier hive), AR - AK, and the MR-28 if you don't mind the reload time and single fire. As far as the 2nd barrier hive area; SMG - CBJ, LMG - M27, and if their is the Shotgun challenge or you enjoy using one the Bulldog. As far as after the 2nd barrier hive the only gun worth purchasing is the MTAR and maybe the Chainsaw if you find a Muzzle Brake/ Rapid Fire. I hope this helps, if so like/mark as answered.

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Re: Weapon Progression in Game?

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Cant go wrong with the AK-12.

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Re: Weapon Progression in Game?

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When playing Point of Contact; I always wait for a gun challenge before buying a gun.

The pistol is plenty for the first two areas.  Just make certain that you have your preferred gun before entering the last area.

I like the AK from the Motel area or the M27 in the City

- I use the M27 if I am Weapon Specialist, and the AK when playing any other class

At the second barrier hive, be certain that you have one engineer in your group and that he has his class fully leveled up.  Keep the traps going non-stop; the traps make a huge difference.

It'll get easier once you unlock the sentry

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