What has happened to this game since the patch?

Ghosts Extinction

I don't know about others out there, but since the patch I have not completed Nightfall once, not even with several groups of outstanding players!!  It seems like there are many more aliens each section, more rhinos that won't die, Scorpions, Phantoms, and Seekers outa the ying-yang etc.

However, when a challenge requires melee of a scorpion, none appear the whole round.  When a challenge requires killing of the Leper, it is nowhere to be seen.  When a challenge requires 10 kills in 30 seconds, for 25 seconds no aliens spawn.  When a challenge requires 25 kills with shotguns, all the aliens concentrate their attacks on the two players with shotguns, killing them frequently enough to prevent completion of the challenge.  When the challenge calls for killing 10 seekers, only one or two meteorites drop.  The game is rigged to prevent players from completing challenges and the entire game.

I used to love playing this game mode, but since the patch, it has become impossible to complete challenges and the game.  I am at that point of not playing this mode any more as any game has to have at least a chance of success to be enjoyable!!  I had 53 escapes from PoC.  I had 3 finishes of Extinction before the patch, none since.

Why make a game impossible to finish?  People won't play if there is no chance of a completion.  It just breeds frustration and makes your product worthless as people will stop playing it, as many of my friends have done already.  They too see the discrepancies and the futility of their efforts and have gone off it for good.

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You just clearly need a better strategy. Don't stand around in one place, even if you are a medic and gas clouds not hurting you.

Movement is key in Nightfall, other wise you get trapped and downed too easy. Learn where the spawns are at each hive. Make sure you have a fully upgraded Engineer who keeps on top of setting the 2 electric traps in the facility. It's honestly not too difficult. It has got more difficult since the upgrade, that I do know and admit, however, it's still simple if everyone knows what they are doing.

Since the patch though, the meteor and seeker issue hasn't been a problem with any games i have been in. Some times it will spawn only 2, then int he last 10 seconds or so, it will spawn two more, so you have to quickly rush to where it landed and shoot the seekers. As for the Leper, on Nightfall it doesn't come to you, nor does it go and hide. It will spawn, and then stay in one location away from you. So you need to actually go find it. Have a look to see where the enemies are spawning from first, and then run there, and you will see it. Even when you start shooting the Leper, it wont run off.

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I agree with stinky. Nightfall did get harder after the patch, but it is still very beatable with the right strategy. If you need some help escaping send me a message, 360 GT: Vanqusih  I'd be glad to help you out.

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There was a different feel to NF last night... I had 3 games that very suddenly went SNAFU... Was playing with ESQD guys and with none of us runnin relics all playing our "comfy" loadouts we could not beat it any of the attempts... tone of disbelief in all our voices after that 3rd one for sure! All 3 started great challenges done weapons bought and good att's found for all etc... If memory is correct we made it into the facility on first run and died, on the next 2 attempts we didn't even get into the facility at all! I think the update did something for sure but I don't know what?

Did seem to be more cryps on NF and POC and while not any more powerful I did notice them "packing up" more, 3-4 rushing one target instead of 1-2 or splitting up and attacking 1 player and the drill lets say.

Got a burned Leper challenge last night as well in the cabin area in POC he didn't spawn in at all well not in the cabin area for damn sure... but in cryp specific challenges otherwise all have spawned in properly.

Shotgun logic- If 2 out of 4 guys are shooting everything in sight with shotguns then its reasonable to say that EVERYTHING in sight will go directly to the 2 holding the shotguns...

So.... not sure what the Devs changed this go-round but somethings off

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I did notice this a little bit too, Pugna. I almost went down a few times because of it. At first I thought it was lag, but maybe the devs did make a few changes to the cryptids. Maybe it's some sort of beta testing of alien difficulty in preparation for mayday?

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