Your Most Kills Ever POC

Ghosts Extinction

I was curious community members, what is the highest kills ever on a public co-op game on POC you have got? I managed 616 kills running engineer with sentry guns and grenade turret the other day, with no relics active. My GT is the same as my user name on here for 360, if your ever looking for a good player shoot me a message to add you because my friends list is usually full.

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My highest is possibly between 650 and 700. I can remember one where it was about 668 I think. I was with all randoms, and they kept getting downed like crazy and hardly getting kills. I think it was also when Sentry Guns were much better.

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i always play poc the same way which is upgrade my sentry first and set them on top of traps usually average around 600-700 kills but i think my highest was ~800 ...and i prefer a death machene fully upgraded which seems to take out everything in its path at the end

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my best solo run was 525 and in a team it was closer to 600

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Most I ever got was high 700's, almost 800 I think.

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I'me that guy who runs all 5 relics, all the time. So, I'm a bit hindered. My best Co-Op game (for kills) though was 550-600 kills with all 5 relics active on PoC. I remember getting 700'ish or so on my solos.

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