Your stories of Heroism

Ghosts Extinction

I'm sure we have all got a story of being the hero. I have had lots in the past - a lot on Nightfall.

Everyone sat down on their back side, as they do, and they make you do all the work

Anyway, my recent one is as follows...

On Exodus, we'd just done the last generator and in total, we had done 4 of the 5 gates, and had completionist. Someone decided to open the final gate and it was "stay in the circle and get 20 kills".

I had misjudged everything. By this, what I mean is, I was already at the spawn setting samantha's animation scene off, and red box hunting for venom. I noticed them open the gate from the spawn, and I figured to myself "I can't be bothered to run back up there, plus, I'm sure they will manage this".

It got down to 40 seconds remaining, and we were on 14/20 kills in the circle for the challenge. I started to get worried and was starting to run to them when BAM, 2 go down and then the third guy does too.

Now, obviously I know this gate (the 5th) is the "rhino" gate, but I didn't know how many they had killed upon them spawning. Well, I soon found out haha.

Before I could even start moving to them, the Mammoth spawned right in front of me, and so I did the obvious thing and ran to my teammates and the gate. As I ran I must have ran past 6 rhino's and 3 phantoms, plus other aliens.

I made a split second decision to NOT revive my teammates, but instead, do the challenge (I hate failing challenges). So I run past them all and stand in the circle.... nothing is right behind me!!! 10 seconds to go or less, and FINALLY some rhino's get there. I throw my venoms and hope they kill 6 enemies. I killed the mammoth, a rhino and 2 phantoms, along with some other little aliens (seekers I do believe). Challenge complete!!

Obviously the last thing I needed to do with 5 rhinos still on my backside, is to run around and shoot little by little, and eliminate them 1 by 1. Which I did

Stuff like that is awesome. So, what is a story of heroism from you?

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Not really heroism, but...survival.

Got invited into a game from a new friend...Trying to remember who he is...I finished my drink, went to the bathroom then I accepted. When I joined it was NF, the game had obviously already started.  I get blasted by a scorpion almost the second I spawn, and there's a pack of hunters running at me....Quick check and I see it's only us 2...I have 11 skill points...

Me "WTF is going on? where are you?"

Him "At the last hive second area, my whole team left about 10 minutes ago and everything is spawning...I need help!"

ME "Have you planted the drill yet?"

Him "No"

Me "Plant the drill!"

I hear the drill go down, I am still in the 1st area, there are criptids everywhere and he's telling me he has 2 rhino's already on him...I'm already laughing my ass off..I go down right as I enter into the 2nd area..

ME "I'm down"

"I'm coming man"

I see him coming for me, there are criptids and rhino's everywhere..and he's leading a parade, including one pissed off rhino.  He revives me but he goes down instantly, I'm on the run.  I do 2 laps up the stairs, down the hall, jump off, run around, run by him, repeat.

Him "Go man go...we got this"

ME ...hysterical laughing...can't even talk.

I make it back to him, revive him, but go down in the process, all I have is pistol ...there are 3 rhino's on the loose that I know of...He's now running laps..I see him go by....then coming around the corner again...revives me...We're both up for about 10 seconds and he goes down again.  I catch a spare second and can at least upgrade my pistol and ammo so I can throw +3 CSA.  I run 2 more laps, killed 1 rhino and revive him.  This continues for the whole hive...there was only a few instances where we were both up at the same the time the smoke cleared, I had 5 downs and 7 revives, all on that one hive. 

We were just buzzing that we made it, there were so many close calls of us both going down.  We finished the game without any more real trouble, but we commented about a 1000 times during it about how we survived, each recounting our own version of the story...It was by far the most miraculous survival I've had to date...I smile just thinking about it.  We talk about it every time we're in a lobby now...our Nightfall Blood Bath...LMAO.

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and the drill was fine the whole time? That is pretty heroic and lucky!

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Come to think of it, I have no idea how the drill survived, I know my buddy was dropping IMS up there because they saved me a few times  Most of our downs happened on the opposite side, right by the bottom of the stairs and I don't ever remember thinking about the drill tbo, I know I never repaired it. Not sure if my buddy repaired it, but I don't think he did.  Hive was upstairs on the balcony so I would run by drill doing my laps and try to shoot them off it as I ran by, but never really paid it that much attention.  I really thought there was no way we were making it through many close calls all went our way.

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This reminds me of when Stinky and I played Nightfall on hardcore. We were in the weapons facility, third hive in I believe. A Rhino spawned and we were all like. "Pfft we've got this.." Then another spawned. Then another, then another, then another and omg holy sh*t were we runnin'! It was this game alone where Stinky turned me to the dark side of using the IMS almost exclusively for further games.

"Laaaaaaadies & gentlemen, boy and girls, children of all ages.... It's.....Rhino train tiiiiiiiiiiiime!"

I was being chased by approx five Rhinos, with more spawning in for lawd only knows reason. I kept dropping my IMS in their path and getting a metric sh*t ton of cash in the process. Amazingly, we never went down! Mainly because we're distinctly mediocre at the game and button mash when everything goes wrong. It's true. Nothing to do with experience, team work, communication, map knowledge, gun skill, spawn trapping or anything, ok? Good, glad that's all cleared up.

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I remember this still haha... you running away trying to climb up the ladders "Brett, they're knocking me off the ladder!!" rofl.

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one time on nightfall it was on the last hive and the challenge was 25 kills with a sniper, back in the old days before mayday... no weapon specialist, no deadeye, no cryptid slayer... none of that good stuff, and i managed to just SQUEEZE the 25 thaills in time.

I remember trying to help my friend with his first every completionist on PoC, we had the multi rhino spawn. 4 per area! so we had several... atleast 8 rhinos behind us. well he got caught up and got downed from them and it was under a minute left and we were at the 2nd meteor (1st area) and he got downed as he told us to carry on. we had another friend too, 3 players. he also got downed in the same location. now i kept running to the helecopter but before my eyes were the ring and i kept running... i didn't cross it but stopped, turned around and ran straight up to the vks, leaped off the huge rock, ran towards the bled out, dog tags. and i revived 1 person. JUST ONE! and it was the guy i tried helping get his completionist. the rhino's plowed me hard. i died and he ran towards the scorpion (trap hive) route and got gassed, hit by hunter etc. and he managed to enter the escape ring 10 seconds left on the clock, with less than an ounce of health left. got him the completionist and gave my escape up for a friend.

I helped my ex escape nightfall once and we fell out, we started talking a while later and she wanted to escape awakening. i obviously agreed and jumped into a game with 2 random players. we went through the map with no problem... atleast 3 of us didnt. i had like 0-1 downs, the others had 5-15 and my ex... had a whopping down number of 38 times... yeah -.-

i ended the game with 36 revives, i got deleted straight after, lil ungrateful ****. but still managed to help her out. she didnt even escape PoC!

thats all i remember... i usually play with friends and there good! or solo... not much random encounters my end

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LMAO!!! I probably would have left my ex behind for a rhino snack on the way to the chopper lol 

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if you want some real fun with noobs

After the 2nd barrier hive in PoC, go get the 2 rhinos attention, but don't kill them. Let them chase you and quickly plant the drill ( hope for the sniper or trap challenge) When the 3rd rhino spawns, hilariousness ensues, especially with noobs. I did this a few days ago and I sorta sat back and watched, making sure to spam armor and staying close enough so that no one went down.

The 2 noobs were like, man that was crazy, good thing I killed those rhinos quick! (last rhino was finally dead after the drill finished) lmao

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I'm gonna try this tonight!

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