questions i cannot awnser please help!?!

Ghosts Extinction

questions i cannot awnser please help!?!


Hi guys thanks for reading! I have played the game for a long time and have questions that i have no way to awnser please assist!

1. If your the medics and can hypno a rhino does your medic regen affect the rhino?

2. If your the weapon specialist does the team boosters make you reload even faster?

3. How many aliens can you have enslaved by hypno knifes at one time?

4. how many bouncing betties/claymores can you have at once that are deployed?

5. Does the medic speed / feral speed / and pistol speed all stack to be omni fast?

6. Does the medic regen amd the feral regen stack?

7. If you have two medics does the medic regen stack?

Sorry to ask so many at once..

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Re: questions i cannot awnser please help!?!

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  1. I am going to go out on a limb here and say no.
  2. This is a definite no. You'd have super fast reload otherwise. It'd be like not reloading at all because it'd be so fast.
  3. I think as many as you have knives.
  4. I'm not too sure exactly, but it's about 4 or 5 per person, so a total of 16 - 20. However, if 2 people throw down 10 each, then another person throws one down, the first one of the other person's will explode.
  5. Yes it does - or it seems like it does anyway.
  6. I'm pretty sure this is a no, because the medic regen is actually faster than that of the feral.
  7. No.
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Re: questions i cannot awnser please help!?!

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1 to 5 - I'm with you

but 6 and 7 i've got an other opinion.

Medic regen and feral stacks all together even if you got 4 medics (4 x times regen) and also feral for insane regen.

Does having multiple Medics stack up?

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Re: questions i cannot awnser please help!?!

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1. I'm not really sure

2. No for sure

3. As many traps and hypno knife you can attain

4. As many as you can find (But you can only carry 5 max at a time)

5. Your medic speed does stack up with feral and +1 pistol

6. Yes it does stack up, Jon the Chief will have a video out proving the seconds differential

7. We are still working on it, we'll get around to it

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