"Severe Weather"


Ghosts Extinction

Well, the good thing is, we magically accumulate money when shooting aliens where we can then purchase and produce Armor, Ferrel, ammo, explosives, sentry guns, grenade turrets, ect...  from THIN AIR!

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My 10-year-old marvels at that one every time, i.e., why the chopper doesn't just land at the nuke and be done with it, or pick us up there after we do it. But then he allows it's a good thing it doesn't, because it's a lot of fun getting to the nuke and then running out.

We can poke fun at this stuff all we want, but it's a cleverly designed game and I've never been so hooked. Just want to say thanks to the team that came up with it.

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100% agreed. The game itself is stellar - I love the mechanics, the upgrade system, the complementary and meaningful classes, the weapon system. It's a lot of fun, and is well-balanced.

Now that they have the vision, hopefully they will carry it forward to Ghosts 2. And maybe create a blog to flesh out the mythology and shore up the storyline for jerks like me, however incongruous it has to be to link meteors with Ancestors etc. I'm not asking for a novel or accompanying comic book - I'm just asking for a little internal consistency. And if I have to see a phrase on a cutscreen multiple times, hopefully they will put a little more thought into it (and won't let Josh from Accounting take a crack at writing the little text blurbs we have to read every. time. we load up a game).

Amazing job, IW and NeverSoft - best game I've played in a long time (Extinction, saying nothing for Call of Duty "Dad... you're one of them...? You're a Ghost?" Ghosts ).

I can't begin to imagine the development effort that goes into these projects - sometimes the cracks are evident. Hopefully CoD has the funds to make these cracks less obvious (I'm not holding my breath).

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Its obvious, he goes to the garage area on exodus to refuel, I thought every one knew that lmao

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well godfather had the ship destroyed, so maybe that was attributed to a storm-driven tsunami?

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