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Ghosts Extinction

Hello this is my first time posting on the site because i been playing extinction all the time but i am a hardcore extinction gamer so i went back to extinction also destiny was not good in my opinion and i dont know if advanced warfare will have aliens or zombies so i need hardcore call of duty ghost players to add me or invite me so we can play extinction 4 player co op right now. my xbox one gamertag is extinctiongodx1 im on live 25 hours a day 8 days a week lol... im max rank highest prestige rank 31 extinction! I have all extinction dlc maps. I have all teeth upgrades except double class.. dont want it the best upgrade to me is pistol ark attachment! and extended vulture duration! Please hit me up i dont have a mouthpiece its broke but will listen crystal got no kinect feel free to add me or send game party invite i will carry the whole team just dont fail easy challenges and i will clutch the game and protect you!

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