you've gotta admit i did brighten up this forum

Ghosts Extinction

would you rather it be dead?

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I do get that you enjoyed being the puppet master, reading the responses to your flame bait. I for one just wished you had contributed in a positive way. With the amount of completed missions you have, that's a hell of a lot of knowledge that could have been shared. Instead, we got nothing but vitriol and egotistical bragging. That to me, is a shame.

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I would but the community honestly i hate the community it's just fun screwing with you guy's i was also ranked first in 2 destiny lb's and i messed with them till i got bored i'll do the same in AW until i get bored zombie's i respect the community so there will be no messing around.

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I don't understand the WHY... why you hate the community... ? I understand there are a lot of people out there that are frustrating, annoying and plain make you want to beat someone up, but to judge an entire community for a game mode based on - what I would class as - not even half, is just mind boggling.

It seems like it was all started from the one incident. Maybe your hatred (or whatever you wish to call it) for the Extinction community stems deeper than what we poor folk can help with, and you need to seek professional help? I really don't know. I know I let a lot of crap get to me, but it seems like maybe you have a lot of rage in you that you need to let out (maybe try a stress ball, it's what we poor people use some times).


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Dude - maybe you should get some help - or at the very least, a life....

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You are a level 1 forum member.

You can't have brightened up because in the entire year it took you here you haven't made enough posts or received enough positive contributions to be even recognised.

See the green bubbles next to mine, Stinky666, and RetroDaddio's names? That is one year of contribution to this game mode and across the other sub-forums.

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He's made a new account fella. The level 1 is Shadowstrike006 his original ends 002 which is level 21 

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