4th Shotgun Identified

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In the new squad trailer, I spotted what appears to be the 4th yet to be announced shotgun. There is a UTS 15 shotgun on the back of one of the soldiers towards the end of the trailer. This shotgun has a distinctive profile and is clearly visible. I had thought the 4th shotgun would be a semi-auto, likely the saiga, given the campaign story. This is an interesting choice as there is already a pump shotgun, the FP6. The only tactical advantage of the UTS 15 over the FP6 is the 14 +1 versus  5/7+ 1 magazine size. Would have really liked to have the saiga instead.

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Nice find. This really looks like a UTS 15. I'm not sure if a second pump gun is really needed, but I'm not going to complain about more weapons

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