Anybody Got a Good Class with the Vepr

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Anybody Got a Good Class with the Vepr

I am mostly an LMG and Marksman rifle player.  But with the recent map pack I realize I need something for smaller maps. With the recent range buff I have been trying out several of the SMGs and this one has a good feel to it. But I am having a tough time nailing down a class with it. It seems to be a very generic weapon, but I like the feel and the big magazine.  Anybody got a good build?

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Re: Anybody Got a Good Class with the Vepr

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Ready up. Speeds up engagement

Marathon. Gain ground.

Dead Silence. You don't want the static players hear you coming or they will prepare for you.

Sit-Rep. CQC means you'll be running into alot of equipment. Spot IEDs/IMS before it stops you. Spot player location. Destroy player equipment - save your team-mates and gain +1 to your killstreak.

Amplify. If you're pushing into their territory this helps protect your rear.

Steady Aim or Agility. I use either. SMG hip-fire is good as is but sometimes i prefer the extra accuracy so i can hip-fire in certain scenarios and kill just as quick. Agility is good at making you harder to hit when you're running across areas where you are exposed and of course helping you to gain ground and exit areas quicker.

On the Vepr i stick a silencer and a grip. Oh and Ping is a really helpful perk when pushing, you could use it in place of Steady Aim/Agility.

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