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Do think ghosts bots will have magic tracking capabilities like in black ops 2? By magic tracking capabilities I mean when you are watching them run around and you see them they instantly turn around and are able to shoot you. That is something that really annoyed me and is completely unrealistic. I know it isn't the AI engine picking up the sound of my footsteps because I will be way too far away for the bot to simulate hearing me or I will be using dead silence. They will instantly know I am looking at them the moment I see them. When I play bots I play on veteran difficulty, 30% health, no regeneration, normal radar, and no aim assist (the biggest reason why so many common players can even get a kill I might aim is so cheap but that is another rant for another time) and the bots can do a 180 when I peek around a corner or through a window and shoot me just as I scope in that ridiculously unrealistic. I mean I have seen the bots be looking at the ground in the kill cam and just be standing there and as soon as I start looking at them they turn around and shoot me. No human player can do that unless it is just blind luck. I know that creating AI is extremely hard as a programmer but I think that if the community made this an issue for the developers to consider they might make some changes so that the AI doesn't sense you looking in their direction from halfway across the map and instantly know where you are. What are your experiences with the bots doing this and what are your opinions on it? Should they make sure the bots cannot do this in ghosts? I think so because it adds to the realism of the AI.

And I guess while I am at you think they should make an option to play matches where aim assist is disabled and not allowed? Only hardcore gamers would want to play that way but it would still be a true test of skill. Lets be honest. How many quick scopes would happen without aim assist enabled? Not nearly as many in my opinion. Aim assist is enabled by default many people probably don't even realize they are using it. I remember playing older shooters where something like aim assist wasn't even an option and there were way less good players then than there are now partially because of that reason. It seems like anyone can be good at call of duty with aim assist enabled. I think they should do this so that anyone with guts can play that way and see who really has the best aim. What are your thoughts on this?

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Re: Bot AI

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They better not have "hacks" or inhuman capabilities like they did in past games.

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