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One thing that's been disappointing to me for ghosts is how worthless Off The Grid has been. I see people use satcom, but very rarely do I see it used effectively. Maybe one or two teams of six have used it properly. If it's a team of randoms putting up satcoms, who cares? They never coordinate them so it's pointless. Maybe in the search gametypes people do, but I play KC, TDM, and DOM and I don't ever consider satcom an issue. I kind of miss the system from MW3 where we have to sacrifice killing ability for stealth. Like you had to choose quickdraw vs assassin. Now it's pretty easy to have both. If we made satcoms stronger, maybe that will give more incentive to using Off The Grid and making perk choices have more weight to them.

The same goes for wiretap. It sounded like such a fun and original idea, but it really hasn't been worth it so far. There's simply no reason to run it since no one uses satcom the way they should. At 3 points it should be better than this.

I'd like to suggest removing the-eyes-on function of satcoms and just making it the really slow UAV for the first tier. This way it won't seem like a complete waste if only one person runs it and gives teams more incentive to use it. This gives a reason for people running off the grid, wiretap and even using ground jammer more often. Sitrep users will have even more incentive and satcom users will have to be smarter to hide them.  

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Have to disagree, don't want the single satcom to be anything like uav and thus increase the spam of it as was in previous titles.

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There's definitely a possibility for satcom spam but wait, you could use off the grid or wiretap to counter these! Something that they're made to do! There's even more use for ground jammer now. Wouldn't it be rewarding to knock out more than 1 or 2 satcoms at once? What if they enemy team dropped 6 at once? *Blip* Gone.

I don't like that we're able to have stealth AND killing perks on with space left over. Bringing more satcoms makes it harder to make a stealth class that's just as good at killing as a non-stealth class.

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or... or...

Leave things as they are.

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trialstardragon wrote:

Have to disagree, don't want the single satcom to be anything like uav and thus increase the spam of it as was in previous titles.


I enjoy what they have done with the satcom, they are useful, but they are not meant to provide too much help. They did very well with them in this game.

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I say this frequently, but there was a game where I took down 13 UAVs in Black Ops II. This does not include the Attack Helicopters that I also took down that game. Fortunately for Black Ops II I could look up to the sky and shoot them down. SatCOMs can be hidden on the ground and therefore can't be shot down. Imagine the problems that would arise if SatComs were buffed.

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I agree

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New UAV is Amplify

New Assassin, Cold Blooded, or whatever you like to call it is Dead Silence.

I do not even pay attention to SatComs, they are absolutely worthless.  Dead Silence is the way to go; get that element of surprise.

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This is exactly what I'm talking about. There's no reason to use wiretap or off the grid because there's no reason to use satcom. Why bother putting any of these in the game if they're this useless? Why not make a perk that prevents enemies from summoning dragons? It would be as useful as wiretap.

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With Hardline you can get it in 2 kills, even without 3 kills is hardly pressing.  Therefore, against it's ease to obtain, I think it's balanced.

On a side note, I do think Wiretap is a pretty poor perk given satcoms limitations, espicially for 3 points.

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