Call of Duty Ghosts Review Pros and Cons.

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Call of Duty Ghosts Review Pros and Cons.

Hello everyone I am going to be telling you what I think about this game all the pros and all the cons. Let's start off with the pros basically there are numerous pros in this game. The first thing I would like to talk about is the campaign it's actually better then most campaigns for fps I felt like I was watching an interactive action packed movie while I was playing it the action didn't seem scripted and I could play it with out having to rush through it. The voice acting was well balanced because I could the tell the emotions of the characters without playing the guessing game overall the story was compelling and making me want more. The next things are Extinction and Squads they are both great game modes and implemented very well.  For the multiplayer I have to say this is the first Call of Duty in awhile to impress me in that department the lag seems ten times better then the previous games the guns are more balanced then they have ever been as well as the maps and perks. The maps are perfect size and big enough for all play styles to be able to play and be successful. The innovation with the game modes are actually quite impressive and I have to say even now I am having fun still.

Now for the cons the spawns seem be an issue but now because they are simply bad like previous Call of Duties but because they were implemented wrong for the larger maps and for this game I think if they were re-designed without the revenge spawn and made for large maps the spawn system should improve dramatically. The lag is occasionally really bad but not as bad as previous CoDs I think if there were more Dedicated Servers in populated areas this could reduce the insta-kills and lag for the majority of players. The gun balance is slightly off for only 3 weapons the K7 needs to have it's fire rate reduced while the Honey Badger needs a damage and ranger nerf and last but now least the Remington needs a slight nerf to damage. The other guns are very well balanced. The last con is lack of security I encountered a hacker that used the Juggernaut Maniac without even getting a kill in Search and Rescue he killed me then left. Also the leaderboards are still hacked I would like to see that corrected.

Overall I think this game has potential and it's a good game. I like this game because it's not a list of never ending imperfections like previous Call of Duties all I can say is keep up the good work and keep fixing everything and perfecting spawns and security I look forward to the DLC for this game.

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