Call of Duty has completely lost its 'wow' factor (Not your usual "this sucks" thread)

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Call of Duty has completely lost its 'wow' factor ...


I've been away from the forums for over a month or so simply to allow time to play the game before I come here to give my overall thoughts. I said this wasn't going to be your usual "This CoD sucks" thread and I am therefore going to start off with this statement.

Call of Duty: Ghosts isn't a bad game, simply put if anyone thinks this is a bad game and deserves worst game of the year award then simply they've never actually played a bad game because this is well rounded game that has a lot of good stuff in it. It's not a broken game and offers a dynamic and fresh campaign with a commendable multiplayer.'s not that Call of Duty: Ghosts is a bad game but the game as it isn't but the game has lost all 'wow' factor and I believe this is due to the series being oversaturated and to 'same' 'same' as each year we've seen a CoD and when I think back to the days of old there were games I loved such as Modern Warfare 2, despite the hacking and despite the noob tubes that was a damn good game and I loved it so much as I spent 63 days worth of game time (which is a lot of hours) and the game was just great.

Now I've played Ghosts since launch and I can already say I'm bored of the game and really don't want to play and I can see myself switching shooters. Ever since I got my PS4 in late December I've been sinking a lot of my time into playing Killzone Shadowfall and I have to admit, that game is really good and is well thought-out and balanced. It's a game I could see myself sinking hours into.

The CoD franchise has slowly slipped away into complete repetitiveness and the franchise needs to take a break and re-think its outlook and come back with fresh angles and fresh ideas to make that year long appeal come back. With the next generation of FPS and gaming in general CoD if they don't change and don't take sufficient time to change will start to loose major interest from its audience.

CoD needs to change and come back fresh or it will no longer be a great FPS more just a re-hash of previous CoDs.

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Re: Call of Duty has completely lost its 'wow' fac...

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I will agree with you that the series is waaaaaaayyyy over saturated. They need to stop the yearly releases and rebuild the engine, actually record gun sounds, and in all honesty, stop making campaigns. hardly anybody plays them, and they could use the devs building the campaign to work on multiplayer and engine. there is really nothing new about this game at all and it still looks same old same old COD.

The gameplay is alright still, but a boost in visuals and audio would be a much needed boost to the series especially with titles like Battlefield which look gorgeous and sound fantastic.

I do not however agree with you that killzone is a better game than ghosts. Its clunky as hell and really doesn't look as great as people try and make it seem it does. Oh and you can't call a game balanced with equipment like that shield. Every killzone has that WTF were they thinking in it that just ruins it

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Re: Call of Duty has completely lost its 'wow' fac...

No one plays CoD for the graphics. We all know BF games look better but at the end of the day its about the gameplay. Thats why CoD 4 is still the best in the franchise regardless of visuals.

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Re: Call of Duty has completely lost its 'wow' fac...

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I completely agree with you, but why not have both? Honestly there is no excuse anymore, especially with the new consoles. Take a few years off from COD, come back with a gorgeous game and the gameplay we all love

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Re: Call of Duty has completely lost its 'wow' fac...

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Being a franchise game you dont really get innovation, even if they did groundbreaking I'm sure it would be released under a different title. A chance to make a new franchise lol.

overall i I like ghost but I feel for the next game they need to take away the eye candy. they have all the custom looks on the players now, how many different faces or outfits do they have. I don't care if your on 360/ps3 or x1/ps4 or PC. That's 12 players that these CPUs have to keep track of, it has to render 12 of them different let's not even get into the skins for the guns that's relatively minor. How much CPU power does it require to keep track of all those different visual traits. Instead give a few common looks for either gender and a set outfit, if you want to allow a guile suit or another reward fine, that would be easier for the CPUs to track and render and then use the extra process power that is now left over and do some innovating. like maybe more dynamic map elements. An example you have a camper holed up in a room you cant get too they have the entry covered to well, get some explosives or rocket and make a new entry. Have things like or or night vision goggles available for night mission,  some one dug in have nerve gas that can kill them if they don't move,but have a gas mask as an equipable counter. The possibilities are endless. Balance will be an issue but it is do able.

i think they could add more game modes as well, as well as higher player count per lobby. Wouldn't a 24 man ground war be fun, chaotic as heck but fun.

i guess the point is stop waisting time on looks and eye candy and go back to the basics, make it functional before pretty and give players ie the community what they want.

call me an idiot but I hope and wish that iw would put a forum up for new ideas for current as well as future releases, it would give them feedback that is invaluable. run polls post new topics for ideas from the developers it would let them know where their doing great and where there weak at.

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