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From the video it looks like they are on a page of what I wanted to see with the game.  Play as a sniper, a cqb specialist etc.  I think, in my opinion, they want to see some different play styles in the game.  If you were to watch any of the video's from blops 2, you would likely see some areas of opportunity.  I think these guys watched a ton of them.

There's really only two.  Run n gun, or cover your field of view and position.  Most of what I watched in some of the games were that some guys were real good a running and just amazing shots, and others moved in their zone.  I watched a guy almost stay behind a car on nuketown, and all he did was get up fire, duck, reload, get up and fire, and he kicked ass that game.  Another guy had a pistol and was awesome, another knives and just hit with uncanny precision.  Some of these are just real good, or real stoned can't tell.

At any rate I am pretty confident they will get it right, and hopefully we will see some different play styles in the game.  You shouldn't enjoy a sniper picking you off, so maybe they can alter some of the point system to include range of kill.  Other than that, hopefully snipers will stop running around unless its with a secondary

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