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     So I just installed the newest Ghosts update tonight on my PS4 (Feb 28th), a little over 1000 MB... But a few things added/removed from Squads Mode, the only mode I play, has got me thinking. First of all, the only game mode I play is Wargame on veteran difficulty because Squad Assault was just not challenging enough, and I have been having a blast.

     The first thing I noticed was that they added an 'Onslaught' option in the Squads menu which got me excited because I haven't been able to play the new maps in Squads since I installed them, they just didn't appear in the rotation. The second thing I noticed is that they removed the option to select 'Hardened' and 'Veteran' difficulties within Wargame, veteran being the only difficulty I play on, so I immediately started to get discouraged. yet again.

      I understand that the popularity of joining a game online in Wargame on hardened and veteran was slim, but Squads was made to played with your team of soldiers and not necessarily with a group of other people, although the option to do so was great for teaming up with a party. I always hit 'Play Now' and fought with my squad of soldiers, and I know a lot of us play that way. But I just cannot understand why they would remove these difficulties, especially since a lot of Wargame players play with their squads as teammates. It's just starting to seem as if they are penalizing us even more for playing Squads and wants everyone in Multiplayer playlists...But hey IW, not all of us want to hassle with other people, we just want to relax and play multiplayer vs. the A.I. Thats why I was so happy to see this brought to Ghosts, the online experience without the toxicity of the community...

     Referring back to my two original posts, "Completing the squads mode Experience 1 and 2", we are already very limited on what we can earn while playing Squads, not much incentives for the "newest mode". XP is capped/match, cannot earn gun camo, sight reticles, outfits customizations, operations/patches...And now even more things are being removed. The Hardened and Veteran difficulties for Wargame need to be put back in ASAP. I don't know if it was a glitch or IW meant to remove it, but those of us out there who play for a good fun challenge are now limited to Recruit and Regular, too easy! I also seriously think that all the rewards I listed above need to be turned on within Squads, but keeping there progressions SEPARATED from multiplayer. XP and squad points should remain carried over, and perhaps a higher XPcap. If the rewards get activated in Squads , us Squads payers can now customize our squad mates to their fullest potential! Not to mention we get rewards for our hard work and tons more incentives for playing! Even if the rewards progress is separate from Squads to Multiplayer, we can still earn these things for our squad and experience the new outfit customizations and operations!

     I am just feeling let down more and more and I thought squads was a big new game mode that was going to be taken seriously and supported. But its just being locked up... Please help us out IW! The DLC needs to be added to all squads game modes and not only the 'Onslaught' option, which is nothing but Wargame on recruit... Its a no brainer guys, c'mon! I spent 50 bucks on the season pass and cannot even enjoy it fully without playing multiplayer, no thanks! I take my CoD seriously, especially since I can experience it vs. A.I now, its all I play. PLEASE let us know your thoughts and reasoning on the subjects IW! And PLEASE give Squads some tweaks! Its a good thing so lets support it!

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You were not the only one who liked playing Wargame on Veteran and I truely agree 110% to what you said. Unless they remove the XP Limit and add the character and camo customization challenges I fear it may be a lost cause at this point. TitanFall looks great and unless IW does remove the limits for Squads I may stick with Titanfall until Destiny and the next COD game come out around Christmas.

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I Fear that it is to late for I.W. to take any recommendation for squads, and implement them. The next time I.W makes another cod, they might implement some of these good ideas. to bad that will be 3 years out.

To bad this is the last COD I am buying.

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does titanfall have a lot of offline features that let you progress and unlock stuff and level up with bots offline if so I'll sell call of duty ghost and get that.

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I agree they need to add the ability to unlock stuff in squads mode. We should be able to do operations and if there is an xp cap get rid of it.  it really isn't doing the MP part of the game that much help. They could just get rid of squads xp adding to MP xp. Also earning operations is in no way getting ahead of the people who play MP. You can earn squad points faster in squads mode and get better weapons faster isn't that in a way getting ahead of the people who play MP. IW needs to add this in the game its a shame that IW advertises their games with such high hopes but only delivers half of what they said they would put in. l know how IW must feel we gave them what they wanted and their still complaining. but hear me out you didn't actually give us what we wanted you gave us half. Put operation in squads that lets us unlock everything you can unlock in MP let us customize our squad members, let us get all the xp we can get in MP.


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Are there any games that you can play against bots and progress offline ( unlock stuff, rank up, do challenges all offline not having to use Internet at all) only games I know of are these. but not all of them offer the ability to really have offline progression. i know this is a call of duty ghost forum but looks like IW cheated us so might as well give people some other titles that offer some good stuff for cheaper.


medal of honor rising sun

007 nightfire: The bots in here can be set to multiple difficulties, you can even give them personalities like vengeful and greedy or guardian.

time splitters 1,2 and future perfect (you can edit your own maps and even make your own campaign if you wanted too)

starwars battle front 1 and 2 (you can use vehicles, ships and there are different classes and awards that you can win)

red faction 2:



Brink ( this does not have death match just team based objectives, but you can level up customize your character unlock guns, parts for guns, customization options and abilities all offline)

killzone 2 and 3

unreal tournament 3 ( lots of modes, levels and bot settings all offline. this is an arena fps)

call of duty black ops 2 ( this have local play with bots everything is unlocked)

call of duty ghost ( this is an amazing game if you like to play with bots, you can play offline in local play everything is unlocked in all modes offline. also you can go online in squads mode and just play with bots and level up and unlock stuff too. can't do operation or unlock customization though which sucks)

section 8 (this is team based with a decent amount of guns it is all objective type, available on psn)

section 8 prejudice ( this is also team based and objective type game play, you can level up and unlock stuff offline really fun if you get tired of death match type fps, available on psn)

modern combat domination ( this is a mix of call of duty and counter strike, you buy guns at beginning of rounds or every time you respawn and every kill or point you get earns you money and you can buy more guns. at end of game you loose everything. However as you level up you can unlock gun attachments so that you can buy them at the beginning of rounds. this game is available on PSN but you can play it offline.) (you cannot level up offline but if you play online you can play against only bots and you can level up too and unlock stuff, just set up a private game and choose only bots)

counter strike global offence ( this game is not as good as the computer version but you can play with bots offline)

cell factor psychokinetic wars ( this game is a lot like UT3 except you can use telekinetic powers depending on which class you choose. there is no campaign just good old arena game types and it can be played all offline with bots.)

XBOX 360

gears of war 2,3 and judgment ( This game is third person its really fun and it can be played offline. you can level up and get xp offline aswell.

perfect dark n64 remake ( this is a remake of the Nintendo 64 perfect dark it is really awesome and proves that bots can be put in fps games they have been doing it since the n64 days lol.)

perfect dark zero ( this game is a pretty fun multi player game a lot better than the n64 version.)

Quake wars enemy territory ( this game is cool if you like battlefield but don't want to play online. you can use planes, helicopters, tanks and others vehicles. there are turrets and the maps are pretty good size. You can play offline with bots too)

quake arena ( this is different that quake enemy territory, it is a lot like UT3 you can play offline with bots just go to practice its basically a bot mode)

shadowrun ( this is a team based fps I liked it because of the powers you can use the different classes and how different it felt from other fps. you can play it offline with bots too)

lord of the rings conquest ( this game is just like star wars battle front 2 except it is in the lord of the rings universe. it is a lot herder than battle front and it is a lot more melee based. you can use magic and shoot others too. It can be played offline with just bots)

PC: Jedi knight Acadamy- this is an awesome game. You can play as a jedi, smugler, solger you name it you can even create your own character. You can create your own lightsaber. It is a FPS and TPS when you shoot guns its FPS when you use light saber its TPS you can also use force powers. There is offline bot support of up to 16 bots with different dificulties too. I recommend this start wars game.

Battlefield 2- this is a great game if you like objective/domination type games. You can play single player (which is multiplayer offline) with 16 bots (the bots use vehicles and take command post too) the maps are pretty big there are a good amount of weapons and classes as well.

TF2- this is a free to play fps. You can choose practice mode with up to 24 bots its really awesome.

Battlefiled 1942 and 2142: Havnt played but I know on PC they have offline bots

Also there are a bunch of free fps games that offer offline bots. A really good one that just came out is RENIGADE X: Its set in the command and conquer universe you basically have a base and try and destroy the other teams base. You get loadouts, classes, vehicles, buildings. It can be played both online and offline with bots. Its in open beta right now but its free and amazing.

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Cheated us? really?

It is a different game, and does not HAVE to be like others (I did not realize there was standard that Ghosts failed to adhere to)

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I know it seems hard to under stand. but some people don't play these games for the online experience. We play these games for the offline experience IW said that the offline would be just like the online and clearly it's not so ya I feel cheated just like everyone else feels cheated. You probably don't feel cheated because you play online. Anyway if every game is going online eventually online will get pretty bad and the industry will have to get better single player content. Seriously XBOX one needing its buyers to be online all the time to even play games lol dumb. Even PS4 is trying to gear their system to be online most of the time hopefully they will add a lot of offline features as well. Anyways just glad to see someone made a forum for this so I could post my opinion maybe they will change some stuff i don't see it happening all the stuff they have changed has been for MP and they actually took stuff out of squads.

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I was extremely happy to see that there was an offline component (I loved playing offline since BO1 against bots, and was very happy they got smarter in BO2).

The MP aspect of the game is online.  Before hand the only offline was the campaign.

So no, I do not feel cheated when a step forward is made. Just because it is not what "I" hoped for, does not mean I feel cheated.  They could not have taken stuff out of squads, because squads (offline) was never there before.

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It comes back again to this sense of entitlement people have.

I play this so I should get THIS.

I don't want to do what the requirements are so change the requirements to suit me and my needs.

Squads is a supplement to MP. It is good for experience and a change of place from Online play, but it is not meant to replace Online play. I am glad they gave us the ability to earn some XP while playing it, as much as I loved Combat Training in BO and playing Bots in BO2 I often felt like it was a detriment to my progress in MP.

But MP rewards were meant for MP. Not for play against AI. I am all for adding Squads-Specific rewards to earn, but just because someone doesn't want to play MP is NOT a good enough reason to let them earn rewards others have grinded for in MP against live opponents.

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