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As someone who prefers not to play online only multiplayer (I have my reasons), I was absolutely ecstatic to learn about call of duty ghosts squads mode. "Replicating the full multiplayer experience...With all the perks of multiplayer", earning XP and rank that progresses the same soldier as the one you play online... This was some of the greatest news I could get from Infinity Ward. It was like they read my mind, adding everything I could ask for.

      In one of my first games played, I learned that there was a cap on how much XP I could earn per match played in Squads. And later discovering that soldier outfits and look customization (something we all wanted to see come to call of duty) as well as in game Operations (challenges), and weapon camos and sights redicles are things that can ONLY be earned while playing in public multiplayer matches, and this really pissed me off !

      I was very, very disappointed to see these restrictions integrated into Squads mode, almost taking away all incentive to playing it which is why people are hating and not playing it that much. Ive earned countless amounts of lost XP because of the XP cap in all modes I've played.

      Call of Duty: Ghosts is the best playing, feeling, and most fun call of duty that I have played. It is a phenomenally made game, and I love every aspect of it except for these restrictions in my preferred game mode, Squads. I know there are others out there like me who would love to see these things brought into squads mode, for example: I know they are in the game to prevent "Wargame on Recruit and Regular" exploits but those are the only difficulties the restrictions should be on, add the Operation sets from multiplayer, as well as progression/weapon challenges. Add all the weapon camo and sight redicles so we may unlock them in Squads. And last but not least, lifting the XP cap! At least lifted from Squad Assault, Squad vs Squad, and Wargame on Hardened and Veteran. These changes would open up a whole new experience for me and all the squad lovers out there. We would love it.

     I want to thank Infinity Ward for creating such fun and addictive games. Simply the best games in my collection. I hope this topic reaches out to my fellow Squads players and Infinity Ward. Who wants a completed Squads experience? I know I do!

     Thank you.

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You are not alone, I would also like to enjoy the full Squad experience without having to play multiplayer or at least not being forced to play other game modes.

I would like to see stats for my entire squad team to help me fine-tune the best possible squad.

I feel that there is a lot to learn about how squad works; for example what does it mean when "XP bonus cap reached"?

When is this applicable and just how much XP does the Squad earn?

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I agree wholeheartedly, the bots are supposed to be just like real players so why be limited to the perks gained from fighting them.  I agree with your assessment on the xp cap as well.  I have nearly tossed my controller at my screen because of some online games where it IS NOT fun by any means and why should I be forced to play in such a negative community.  I love the way the multi-player game type is played and do love multi-player most of the time, just not this time unfortunately.  Let me earn everything in squads as well.

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your squad mates do play quite like real people i find.

I find that they are especially good at camping in corners.

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As someone who enjoys a hybrid PVP and co-op/solo online I to was excited to play this mode, after all their statements of how you can earn XP in squads and having it carry into MP its disturbing how there is an XP cap.

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And the thing is that I understand why they added it for Wargame on Recruit and Regular difficulty. But they should completely remove it from Hardened and Veteran as well as removing it from Squad vs Squad and Squad Assault.

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I agree entirely. When IW first revealed Squads mode, it was like a dream come true for me since I love the RPG elements of shooters (XP, leveling, progression, unlocks) but I am not a fan of competitive PvP multiplayer in the slightest.

I fail to understand why, once again, those of us who prefer a more PvE-centric MP experience are once again being penalized especially considering the bots are quite challenging, even on regular difficulty, and thus pretty much fully replicate the experience of going up against other players minus the steep learning curve. It is especially painful for me because getting to customize the look of my soldiers was another big draw and now I find out I won't be able to customize them beyond the sparse basic options unless I play the competitive MP and try to complete operations I likely will never be able to (again, because of my limited competitive skills). Capping the amount of XP we can earn in Wargames matches just feels like an added kick to the teeth for PvE fans.

Here's hoping IW hears our plea and at least enables operation completion in Squads and maybe even removes the XP cap for Wargames (even if it is only on the higher bot difficulties). Fulfilling both of those requests would make Ghosts virtually the perfect FPS game for me and one I'd be much more inclined to pour my time into.

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I am with you.  I am an avid multiplayer, but I thought the idea of squads and 'building' your team was awesome.  The first thing I did was level/unlock my first six players and level them to 15 each and get them setup as a stealth squad.

That is where the problems began.

1) no hardcore modes or options - I am a hardcore player and wanted to build a hardcore squad.

2) xp cap in games.  They made it seem like it would be a viable option to play squads w/ friends to level.  A cap of 2k xp is silly.  Maybe if your entire squad got 2k each (playing w/ your bot squad) it would be worth it.  In multiplayer a bad map I get 3k on most maps I avg 5-6 and top out at 12k or so depending on mode.

3) quality of your bot's AI - this is a huge issue for me.  at this point I've got 4 bots at lv 60(61) working on leveling up my 5th.  The level of your bot makes 0 difference to it's skill level.  Something is missing here.  what happened to building your squad?  why build a squad when the default 5 bots will actually outplay level 60's?

Anyway, I still have high hopes for the game and for squads.  Glad I/we get to voice our opinion as often as we like.  Let's hope someone is listening

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OK just got two replies on twitter from Mark Rubin after I sent him a tweet redirecting to this thread:

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I agree that Squad Modes was something I had looked forward to when I had first heard of it.  However, just as what you and many others have explained, the actual implementation left major portions of "playability" out.  IW really pushed the entire Squad thing in the run-up to release and to see it be such a watered down game mode made me believe that Squad Mode was simply a gimmick and left me feeling a bit underwhelmed.  I hope IW does in fact take a look at this because it would be nice to play and still have it count towards MP in a valuable way - 2k of XP is not that.  Thanks for the thread and pushing for a response/reply/action.

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