Dead silence should counter Amplify, not vice versa

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Oldurtay wrote:

If you have dead silence on and your moving slowly you can't be heard via Amplify... I'm guessing the people complaining are the ones sprinting around at lightspeed with marathon expecting that they should be completely silent doing so, really though how realistic is that.

Couldn't have said that better myself, great post. 

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Re: Dead silence should counter Amplify, not vice ...

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Very true.

How I tackle players who have amplify is that if you know or suspect some one is waiting for you charge and though a 9-banger, that will deafen, blind and take out their radar. Then jump around the corner and spray and pray. I recommended you use a rusher class for this tactic. 

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Re: Dead silence should counter Amplify, not vice ...

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First of all, an Amplify rework is in the making.

Second of all, this is the downfall of having two perks work on the same thing, in this case sound. Amplify counters Dead Silence so it is OP. Dead Silence counters Amplify so it is OP.

How about this. Was the Pro effect of Stalker from MW3 OP? I only died from a Betty, Claymore, or IMS once using Stalker Pro and it was me being dumb. Point is, it countered equipment very well. Completely made them useless.

And a similar thing can be drawn for Ghosts. No one like IEDs, yet if Stalker Pro came back, people would either complain that they are "forced" to use that perk or that IEDs are completely useless.

Back to Dead Silence and Amplify, however. Let's say Dead Silence makes you 95% quieter, or you only emit 5% of the normal amount of noise. Amplify boosts enemy footstep sound to 150% of the regular. And we'll just say I am talking about range and volume. Then having both cancel each other evenly would mean that Amplify can hear Dead Silence at 77.5% of the normal noise made. This is kinda what I feel they do currently, but that is close enough to 100% that it doesn't matter to most people. And considering audio setups, to where some people say they can hear DS users just fine without Amplify, you have a real mess.

I propose that Dead Silence be twice as quiet as it is now. This helps them DS users actually be unrealistically "dead silent" while also not allowing people to pull the "I am forced to use Amplify" card. In return, have them interact in such a way that Amplify can hear DS users at no less than 40% but no more than 50% of normal.

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Re: Dead silence should counter Amplify, not vice ...

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I agree that Dead Silence should counter Amplify.

Amplify is a campers tool. Sit in a corner with it on and you know exactly where people are coming from. I know this for a fact as I have a decent headset and using Amplify feels like I'm cheating. Even without Amplify footsteps are far too loud. In previous CODs I have been called a hacker because I've spun around 180 degrees when I've heard somebody behind me.

Dead Silence is an anti-camper tool. I like to use as I am always on the move and it helps masks my footsteps(obviously).

So have Dead Silence counter Amplify and that way Johnny Camper sitting in a corner with Amplify on will get a shock when somebody runs into the room and kills him(or her)

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Re: Dead silence should counter Amplify, not vice ...

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I think amplify should at least be removed from search and destroy.

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