Did the Desert Eagle make it in the game?

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I just saw the trailer and some guns, but not the Desert Eagle.  Upgraded to 50 caliber would be nice. 

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I WISH! That's one of my favorite pistols!

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No, the Desert Eagle will most likely not be in this game. From the currently known list of guns (which seems to be "full") the available Pistols are:

.44 Magnum




and seen in some pictures, but not yet in any MP weapons list:

the VBR-PDW machine pistol.

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Thanks.  Never know, it may find its way in later

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They ruined the Deagle in MW3... Now you want it back? Makes sense...

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You can make pistols heavy and move slow and hit.  The Desert Eagle was designed to have little recoil.  This was developed when the 45 auto mags were starting to have their go with the vented chambers.  They could figure it out if they wanted it in the game.

Snub nose 44's on the other hand.  Those dudes would move faster than grease lightning and knock you on your ass.  Whle on the subject of this, you should know when you get hit with one, so hopefully they will alter some of the effects, and or bodily reactions to getting hit.  Toughness pretty cool but if our getting shot with a bb gun you wont need it, toughness against a 50 caliber is another story.

Anyway, don't want to dork this out too much, but would be cool to see some change when you get drop vs what dropped you

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I have many fond memories of the Deagle from COD4

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