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     Does anyone have any ideas on how to enter maps other than the few ones I have here:

- Sneak into map

- Rappel out of helicopter

- Use boat

- Sky dive out of sky

- Use dog sled

- Use snow mobile

- Use Humvee or light ground vehicle

- Zip line into map

That's all I can think of. Do you have any ideas or a video on dynamically entering maps? If so, post them!

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Here's my idea of skydiving into battle. They would still have to use a parachute on the last stage but it will be awesome to jump of a plane and have them skydive in a wingsuit.


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Go watch vids about section 8. Or there is of course Halo and the ODST way of entering a map.

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I just want to start playing asap.

Will stuck to my point

If it doesn't add to the gameplay leave it out

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The last thing I want is an enemy to have an overhead view of where my team is at and the ability to shoot me while parachuting in.  Not a fan of this. I don't see how it is adding to the site. What really needs to happen is they need to make an intelligent spawn system.

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Then dont play BF for you could do that in one of the BF games But usually your spawn and drop point is far enough away you cant see much while coming in.

Unlike in Section 8 you could literally drop in and land on a person killing them, by crushing them.

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     This is the initial spawn ONLY.

Plus, do you not always spawn in the same place at the start?

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     A few ideas for sneaking into map:

- Break through a window, crawl through

- Rappel down the side of a building

- Use an elevator like a chap

- Breach through door or wall

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6v6, you enter in two humvees, rockets come from a building, dive out, Humvees explode, AI character shoots rpg.  All in one short cutscene.  Game starts.

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The most epic map entering would be the team of players arriving in the helicopters,  the door is opened and each player rappels out of the helicopter in real-time.        Before that, the team could discuss strategies, enjoy the ride, before exiting the helicopter and get ready for the match to begin seconds after both teams have landed. 

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